Pillow Talk

I was standing by the baby monitor tonight, just as Ella belted out in song "Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the..............................................................   Mickey Mouse. Haha. Laughing. Funny." So it looks like she got the Candrian gene of thinking she is hilarious.
I couldn't help but eavesdrop some more as she went on listing more Mickey Mouse clubhouse characters, animals and animal sounds, and then moved on to a list of her favorite fruits. I guess this is what a 1.5 year old thinks about as she falls asleep. Kids talking to themselves is seriously entertaining stuff to me and I'm guilty of having the baby monitor on at night simply to eavesdrop on her bedtime chatter.

Joy  – (5:28 PM)  

So funny, I started laughing out loud...I love this!

AJ Candrian  – (9:30 PM)  

I feel like I'm missing out on watching her grow up! The Ella I know can't talk!

Brittany  – (11:43 AM)  

I echo Andrea's comments. The only Ella I know is four months old and was as quiet as a mouse. I remember holding her while eating dinner and she was so quiet and still I almost forgot I was holding her.

By the way, she looks so much like Rob that I now no longer think Michael resembles him at all--just you. Such cute kids! I'm hoping we get to see you all this summer.

Rachelle  – (9:43 AM)  

So funny and sweet! I miss you guys!

Davis Doings  – (7:11 PM)  

She is such a doll! I don't know how you could ever tell her "no" with her gorgeous, big, blue eyes!

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