Ella the last few days -
1. Happily playing in the backyard, poking around in the dirt, she looked up at me for a second to exclaim "bird!". Then "bird dead!". Not what you want to hear from your kid playing in the dirt. And, yes, it was a dead bird she'd been poking around in and her hands were gooey from the guts, as well as some locks of hair. After I bathed her, I went to clean up the bird mess and there were maggots all over underneath. My stomach almost came out my throat. But she hasn't gotten leprosy yet so I think we're okay. Oh, yeah, and this was all while I was watching five young kids at my house, just in case I was feeling bored.
2. Last night I found a live worm on the kitchen floor, courtesy of the girl in the dress, I'm near certain.
3. Today Ella brought new meaning to the classic toddler favorite of playing in the toilet. I found her, literally, IN the toilet. Splashing her feet around, happy as a lark. I almost took a picture but then realized that she'd probably take away the message "cute" instead of "disgusting". So no pic. But she was pretty cute. And disgusting.

But she has also recently taken to saying "I love you, mommy" all throughout the day. So she pretty much makes life perfect.
The Salad Spinner is one of the best toys in the house

AJ Candrian  – (9:29 PM)  

Funny.... and super disgusting! :) But she's still cute.

Brittany  – (10:13 PM)  

Oh sweet Ella. And those pictures. They kill me. She is totally Rob, Jr. I could eat her up. That bird incident would totally have made me lose my lunch though.

Joy  – (6:12 PM)  

Oh my, the things you let my granddaughter play with!

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