Yesterday as I was looking through my purse for some change to pay for something, I remarked out loud that I couldn't find a ten shekel. To which Michael enthusiastically suggested "Mom, you should just use your magic and grab it out of the air!". He seemed rather pleased with his solution. I guess our dinner time games have been convincing.

And a story for Ella, too. Several weeks ago as we were finishing dinner, I got distracted as I was unbuckling Ella's tray. She wiggled it out of my hands and immediately turned it upside down on her head, all the food came raining down on her and with a big, silly grin she declared "hat!". She had us all cracking up. Two of her favorite words are "funny" and "silly" and boy does she have both of those qualities down pat.

Amy Lovell  – (8:33 PM)  

I love your kids, and I miss them. When are you coming back to the states?

AJ Candrian  – (9:05 PM)  

Oh my goodness... your kids are so darling! Miss you guys!

Joy  – (12:47 AM)  

I laughed out loud - great stories.

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