Thanksgiving in Jerusalem

We took a half day trip to check out some of Jerusalem's old city. It did not disappoint! Besides all the cool sights, we lucked out on some Bar Mitzvah parties. I learned that Thursday morning is one of only three acceptable times that a Jew can have a Bar Mitzvah. Here it is tradition for the party to dance and sing and drum their way through the old city. Some people hold a fancy tent/cover/shade thingy above the special boy as they parade over to the Western Wall. We scored some candy as they partied past us. (Which really helped us out when Ella got fussy on the drive home.)
At the Dome of the Rock.
The Western Wall. Ladies must approach it from one end, men on the other. The line of people are men and women congregated on the fence that divides the two, standing on chairs to talk to each other over the fence. Cracks in the wall are all filled with prayers written on paper.
The interplay between multiple different faiths and all the history of these sites is so fascinating!

The stroller was a terrible idea. We usually anticipate stairs and choose the Baby Bjorn....oops. Stairs everywhere.

AJ Candrian  – (5:11 PM)  

Looks like fun... your kids are sure cute! I miss you guys!

Dr. J-Love  – (11:20 AM)  

Wow, we'll have to go there on a Thursday when we come visit. Love the photos.

Sara  – (5:37 PM)  

Seriously cool! We are jealous!

Rachelle  – (5:40 PM)  

So wonderful! Glad you are taking it all in!

Sara  – (11:20 AM)  

You guys are seeing the coolest stuff. I chuckled looking at that pic of Ella solo. She has this incredible background and will one day look at that pic and talk to you guys about how she was there, was cranky and you guys took this stroller around all those stairs. And that will be a normal conversation in your house - like all kids get to sit with these amazing backgrounds for pictures. Seriously awesome. Stay safe. :)

Amy Lovell  – (11:18 PM)  

For the record, the Dr. J-Love comment was from mom, in case you didn't know! :)

Also, I'm jealous and am crossing my fingers we get to come visit at some point! I've heard Jerusalem is really amazing.

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