Rockets, rockets, go away

Thanks to everyone who has been checking in on us during this mess!
Surely, having rockets launched at Tel Aviv feels a bit disconcerting; however, we are really, truly 100% fine here.
On an entirely personal level, the only ways this has directly affected us has been Rob working lots of overtime, a cancelled football game, cancelled church, and an email inbox full of security notices from the embassy and loving concerned notes from friends and family. On the most selfish of levels, I hope the fighting deflates quickly so that I can enjoy Rob more at home. I love what he does for work, but more between the hours of 8:00 - 5:00.
Not that I am unfeeling about the greater impact of it all - it's been a somber past couple days and I feel for all the Israelis and Palestinians who are greatly affected by the conflict. But if I hadn't talked to anyone or read anything or watched anything, then I would know no difference in my world. The sirens have gone off in Tel Aviv (Rob hears them at the embassy and heard an explosion in the sea), but we live in a suburb just to the north, supposedly just out of range of rockets from Gaza. So no sirens here. It can sound scary but at the current level it isn't really (in my little world, I mean). The rockets are terribly inaccurate and mostly land in the sea. If it isn't going to land in the sea or open land then they can be intercepted. They have launched hundreds of rockets and only 3 civilians have died, much south of here where it is in better range. Hamas doesn't have the most advanced warfare and aren't going to get very far unless others get involved. To me, that is the real concern - that this could escalate into something bigger. But unless that happens, things are totally fine (for an American family abroad, at least)! And if it does happen, I guess we could be home early. The next few weeks could be telling. But I must say, I really love it here so I hope that does not happen! We finally just got our household shipment a couple weeks ago and are starting to feel settled in to the activities of our new life. The weather has cooled down to perfection in the 70's (mid-20 C), and life is good.
So, don't be scared by the news - they report on the sensational stuff and not on everyday life in a suburb. Maybe you don't want to visit next week, but once this settles down a vacation here is still a great idea!
p.s. Apparently Rob and I decided to post about this at the same time...we so fit the stereotype of what a guy has to say about something versus a girl!

Sara  – (2:22 PM)  

We've been thinking about you guys and are so happy to hear things are ok (at least now!). Keep us updated and we should chat online soon!

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