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I can't stop thinking about pickles. It is almost 11:30 and I have not yet gone to bed because I can't stop this raging debate between my watering taste buds (evil) begging for a pickle, and my brain (good) telling me that it is going to make me feel so gross later. Honestly - I have literally been thinking about pickles for almost 2 hours.
If you haven't caught on yet, this is the delirium I am subject to only during pregnancy.* Back in November, when I was about 2.5 weeks along - well before any test could confirm the truth - I found myself sitting on the couch after having plowed through almost an entire jar of spanish olives, when I took a step back from myself and looked at the scene and went, Omigosh, I'm totally pregnant. I didn't explain that scenario on my first visit to the OB/GYN when she asked about when I first had my first positive pregnancy test and I told her I never took one. But the spanish olives incident was pretty much proof in the pudding (yum!) for me, and of course it's only gotten worse (better?) since then.
The cravings aren't so bad when it's for tacos or whatever else, because I just eat it. But pickles and I have had a rough history where I start and just can't stop until I've downed half a jar. It never ends well. I always end up feeling totally gross with that awful aftertaste for at least 24 hours.
Last month I even wrote myself a journal memo where I made myself write "Pickles are a mistake" ten times with a vow to remember that next time the craving hit. I think I ate 4 or 5 in a row that day and it wasn't good aftermath.
The cool thing about this pregnancy is that food tastes better than it has ever tasted ever. I am constantly proclaiming that this or that is the best thing I have ever eaten, and it really feels that way. The other day it was just a simple artichoke that I wanted to write poetry about. I was still thinking about how good it tasted days later and sincerely asked Rob if it wasn't the most amazingly perfect delicious artichoke he'd ever had, and he went "???????????".
Besides the fact that I spend way too much time thinking about food lately, I think this is one side effect of pregnancy that I can be grateful for. I am not a fan of almost anything else about pregnancy, so I'll take the gift of taste as one little gift amongst the headaches, tiredness, blahness, poor sleep, and nausea.
I have many other thoughts to share, but in the middle of writing this, I broke down and ate a pickle. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten. So I think I am able to go to sleep now. It's sad but true, food is honestly that controlling of me lately.
*The baby is due on August 8 - my Bday!

AJ Candrian  – (7:35 PM)  

You make me laugh. You could always eat pickles on a sandwhich, if the craving gets too bad. At least you wouldn't be eating straight pickles... not that there's anything wrong with that even if you did. Look at the bright side, at least it's something healthy and not something packed with sugar.

RachelAA  – (7:50 PM)  

I KNEW IT - I saw the title and was like, "WOHOO".... so excited for you guys!!! And yes, I am so not a fan of much but enjoying food. The sad thing with this pregnancy is I have had very rare moments where I have actually enjoyed food :( Maybe I enjoyed it too much while pregnant with Andi??? MY POINT IS, live it up and enjoy it while you can. I'm bummed I don't have that love affair with food this pregnancy!! CONGRATS AGAIN! Siblings are fun.

The Richmans  – (9:31 PM)  

Funny story about pickles, pregnancy and well, you. Yes, you . . . when I was pregnant I had a pickle fettish, too. I went through a whole jar of baby dills in like two weeks (that's a lot for me). Then you and Rob came down to Richmond (remember tennis? that was so fun!) and I remember you telling me about how you used to eat pickles when you were little (slurping out the liquidy stuff as you described it). I was so disgusted by that mental image (please don't take offense, because it's super funny now) that it totally turned me off to pickles and I didn't eat another one my whole pregnancy. In fact, thinking of them made me sick after that. Even now whenever I see a pickle and am about to take a bite I think of that and laugh.

Amy Lovell  – (9:56 PM)  

I've always loved pickles, and I think it's funny how people stereotype pickles with pregnancy. I guess it's true though. I also love that you're due on your birthday. I know due dates always change, but I really hope you have "it" on your birthday. Sharing a birthday with someone is pretty great.

Andrea J  – (12:42 AM)  

Congrats Lorena! That is fantastic! I can think of two pregnancy related things that could be considered a positive!

Audrey  – (9:57 AM)  

Congratulations guys that is great! And as someone who is 9 months pregnant . . . eat all the pickles you want!

Erin S  – (10:08 AM)  

Yay! Congrats! I craved my grandmas homemade spicy pickles with Carter, so good. And ketchup on everything with both pregnancies. It's early morning here but I want a pickle now.....

Joy  – (7:43 PM)  

That was the funniest post ever! I'm sure Rob loves to kiss you after you've eatten pickles...since he hates the smell of those things. Please teach Michael to love them.

Sara  – (8:28 PM)  

Such a fun way to write about the pregnancy! We're super happy for you guys!! Enjoy the pickles!!

d  – (12:00 AM)  

Oh Congratulations! That is great, can't wait!

KellySummer  – (11:26 PM)  

i hope that you are keeping your pickle in a plastic baggie in the fridge and just dipping it in the pickle juice for a refresher so the pickle lasts as long as possible.

Melissa  – (12:08 AM)  

How exciting! Congrats Lo! I have really gotten into spinning the past couple months and think of you often. Wish we could go together!

K-country  – (7:42 PM)  

Great News Lo~ Miss you lots!

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