Here is Michael's new favorite video. (And mine.) No surprise that he started making the sign for fish this day. Doesn't have the hugest spoken vocabulary, but he is picking up signs left and right...I have to keep learning more.

This is at the Butterfly house in Stockholm with my friend Krista and her son Ben. The best part of it was that they have to keep it at a tropical climate for all the butterflies and so it was the first time in months that we could feel like we were outdoors and be comfortable in a t-shirt, and Michael could play in the dirt. Honestly, it was worth the price of admission just to let Michael play in the dirt since it's been so long since we've seen any, let along gone outside without gloves. That's okay. Life is good here.

The Richmans  – (8:21 PM)  

He is so stinking cute! I can't even handle it! So funny that he doesn't say much but can sign a ton. I've tried teaching James a sign or two but he has no interest.

AJ Candrian  – (8:30 PM)  

SOOOOO darling! He's such a cute kid! I miss him!

KellySummer  – (11:20 PM)  

that's awesome, and way cool that the kids are allowed to do that. Ollie would love it. We go to an aquarium where you can stick your hands in the water and pet sting rays and ollie likes that. Also, I'm going to be a bad mom because seeing Michael play in the dirt stresses me out. Ollie isn't allowed to get dirty because it gives me anxiety...i'm going to have to get over this pretty soon...especially since he is just on the brink of walking...

Anna  – (10:35 AM)  

I love how dirty he is!!! And I love that you're the type of Mom that lets him get that dirty!!!

Joy  – (12:36 PM)  

So cute, I laughed out loud!

Amy Lovell  – (1:15 PM)  

Aw, I can't wait to see you guys. He's adorable!

Carin  – (8:29 AM)  

David hardly says a word, he's more a signer too ;

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