The Mormon Bachelor

So Rob's sister Andrea was selected to be on The Mormon Bachelor - check it out. Basically, a web version of The Bachelor, and mormon-y, so I'll consider hand-holding a steamy display of public affection.
I think Andrea is awesome in this and I am having so much fun following it all! I'm pretty confident she'll be selected for a date #2 and can't wait to peek in to more of the action....

AJ Candrian  – (7:41 PM)  

Ha! Thanks for being one of my biggest fans, Lorena! Means a lot!

Amy Lovell  – (8:30 PM)  

Woot woot, go Andrea. And I agree, there's no way the Buckman can pass up another date with her!

Joy  – (8:49 PM)  

Keep up the comments in favor of Andrea. We all know she's the best....and yes, I'm being entertained a bunch with the Mormon Bachelor website.

Andrea J  – (6:30 PM)  

I would pick her for sure. Looking through the website was a little bit like a yearbook for me. I love that I know the producer and a few other people - are there only a hand full of Mormons who are late 20's and early 30s? Why do we all know each other?

Anna  – (12:29 PM)  
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Anna  – (12:30 PM)  

Wow! So exciting! And I see that they already have a sponsor for their second date from a cake company! Jeff would be so jealous.

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