You Gonna Eat That?

Please consider your own eating habits before you judge my upcoming statement in the same category as nose-picking and armpit-smelling.

I eat my child's baby food.

And I like it.

And I am considering keeping on with this habit even when Michael outgrows it. Because I have finally found a convenient enough way to eat my vegetables. The beautiful thing about baby fruit and vegetables is that it is 100% fruit or vegetable. If I buy carrots, the ingredients are.........................wait for it........................................carrots. Not carrots and salt and dehydratedmaltodextrinizedcoagulatedsulfer. If I buy prunes it is prunes, not prunes and sugar and heavy syrup. AND did you know that baby food pureed prunes are good and not at all gross and hard to swallow like real prunes? And they are especially good when mixed with Totally Natural, No-Added-Sugar-Or-Anything Yogurt. Yuck, right? That's what I thought. But it's good. I swear.

I went to a slight bit of trouble to make some homemade pureed green beans for Biggie Smalls a few days ago, but I don't think he liked the texture. And the beauty of all this is that instead of feeling kinda bummed about wasted effort and wasted food, I'm like ALL RIGHT! Healthy snack for mom. I saved a bunch of old baby food jars and froze a big supply of what I made, so I've got all these healthy little green bean shots (along with the pureed prunes, carrots, peas, and lentils I've made for Smalls but am stealing for myself) ready to roll for snacks now. I am aware that microwaving some frozen green beans is about just as easy, but for some reason I just never would do that. And it would require more chewing. I'm talking LAZY nutrition here.

Although that's not really the whole truth. It's probably only like a small little baby-sized pie slice (yum!) of the truth. The real impetus for my baby-food eating habit is this: I want what you are eating. Especially if you are a kid, for some strange reason. I am not sure about the psychological implications of that. But have you ever seen a 3-year-old eating Cheeze-Itz? And not totally hoped that they would get distracted by a fly or something and left their little Cheeze-Itz cup unattended? But you could have a whole box of them at home and not give it a second glance. Or chicken nuggets. I never want to eat a chicken nugget... until I see it on the plate of a child, that is.

My favorite of Biggie Small's food is this stuff here called Majs-Vällning. I'm guessing maybe there is an equivalent in the States, but I don't know what it is. It's like rice cereal (blah), but yummy corn-based deliciousness instead. YUM. I always mix up extra so that I can steal some bites as I feed him. Bite for you, bite for me. Fun fact - we actually first got this corn slop stuff as dog-food for Chewy (the breeder's used it to wean the puppies) and had half the bag left over. So you could say Michael's first food was dog-food.*

I wonder if I will feel the same when I am no longer crazy-hungry breastfeeding woman???

Also, this makes me feel a little safer about getting older, in case I make it to 92 and have to go on one of those geriatric diets. It's a good card to have in my pocket.

*Grandma alert: this stuff is, in fact, sold in the baby food section of the store, not the pet section. I promise.

Andrea J  – (10:52 AM)  

You are a brave woman to admit to so much. I agree with the leftovers bit though, for some reason my kids leftover food always ends up in my mouth; as long as it hasn't been in their mouth - I do have my limits.

KellySummer  – (10:58 AM)  

I love you Lo. The end.

d  – (4:38 PM)  

I understand the totally starving breast feeding mommy thing, I guess I will just have to take your word about the rest. BUT major props for finding ways to eat more unprocessed veggies. I think this is a step up from your Taco Bell bean burrito phase, but your are so fit your could eat anything you wanted.

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:54 PM)  

I just have a question, do you take less time to finish your meal when you aren't chewing? Because really, maybe you would finish eating with the rest of us if all your food was in the form of baby food :) But seriously, I so hear ya. Well, not on the prunes and what not. And don't get me started on the smell of the chicken and rice, etc. But, when I was prego with Jackson, I would actually have banana baby food in my desk at school. We have ALWAYS loved it in my family and it was a real treat. WEll, hungry, picky and prego, it was perfect for me!!!!! So way to go - ENJOY!

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