World Cup or Bust

Ok, Smalls isn't going, but if we don't post pictures of him, I don't think anyone looks at the blog.

So today at 7:15 pm I am getting a plane for South Africa!  I've always wanted to go to Africa, I've always wanted to go on a Safari, and ever since the US hosted the World Cup in 1994, I've always wanted to go to a World Cup.  So I get to accomplish all three at once.  I'll be meeting up with my good buddy Tyson, who is traveling from Brasilia via the US; over the course of a week, we will be attending four World Cup games and visiting Krueger National Park.   To say that I am excited would be an understatement. 

The only (minor) negative (besides leaving Lorena and Biggie Smalls aka King Baby behind) is that I will probably only get to see the 2nd half of the US-Ghana game tonight (my flight lands in Frankfurt at half time, and then takes off about 10 mins after the game should end).  If the game goes to extra time, I may have to find a way to make my flight leave late - I don't know if I will be able to wait for the 10 hour flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg to find out if the US will advance or not.  Normally I would have been happy for the US to simply make it out of the group stage, but...if the US wins, we will have tickets to see them play next week!  Here are the games we will be attending:

Argentina - Mexico
Brazil - Chile
Paraguay - Japan
and the winner of US/Ghana v. Uruguay/South Korea

I mean, this trip will be cool, but if we somehow get to see the US play in the Quarterfinal - well, here's hoping they beat Ghana today (and that they beat them before I get on my flight!).

So look for us in the crowd.  If we are lucky and get to see the US play, I will be wearing my US jersey, but I will not have my face painted.  There are some lines that adults shouldn't cross, and painting your face is one of them.


Andrea J  – (1:19 PM)  

stop. there is no way you get to do all that. i am really excited for you and kind of jealous - really jealous.

Brittany  – (10:42 PM)  

First of all, your kid is so stinking cute that I can hardly stand it. And secondly, sorry about not getting to see the U.S. play. But look on the bright side, at least you still get to go on a safari! :)

Amy C  – (4:37 PM)  

I'm SOOOOO jealous you get to go to South Africa. I LOVE South Africa. I really hope you can go on a tour of Soweto, it's such a sad/cool place to see. Jealous jealous jealous. You're going to LOVE the safari, man I wish I could be there with you.

d  – (10:50 PM)  

YAY! South Africa is great and Krueger is the most amazing. AND the world cup- your head may just explode. I am so jealous and only wish the US had won.

Jenny Turk  – (5:11 PM)  

What an amazing opportunity! We are jealous! Stay out of trouble and have a great time!!!

Lisa  – (10:59 AM)  

No way see you in Brazil 2012!!!Matt and I are planning on going..

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