A Royal Wedding

I can't stop watching this video and laughing at my little marching boy. He was sooooooo happy. After this video was taken, he broke into a full on run/prance along side the royal army and kept at it for seriously the longest time. Kind of a ridiculous distance considering that at nine months he is technically still a baby. There were two different ladies who thought it was so funny that one took his picture and another starting filming him, adding more evidence to my theory that he is the cutest thing on the planet.

The reason for the royal army parade was that the Swedish crown princess got married today. Above is my futile attempt at catching the wedding procession on camera. Go here if you actually care to see pics. The last royal wedding was in like the 70's or something, so it was a Big Deal to the swedes. I don't know what the newspapers are going to do with themselves now that it is over. Kinda cool and interesting, also kinda odd and pompous.

p.s. We do not spike Small's hair on purpose. It's just that his hair is so sparse that we have to put sunscreen on his head (he takes off his hat) and it just ends up working like hair gel.

Mrs. Anderson  – (6:45 PM)  

Is there a problem with spiked hair? I love it!

AJ Candrian  – (9:57 PM)  

So cute! Glad you got to participate in the royal festivities. I have to admit, I laughed when I saw all the banners all over the airport with a countdown for the wedding when I was there a few months ago. But it's kind of exciting at the same time. Fun you got to see some of it!

Sara  – (10:44 PM)  

He's such a cute little man. The wedding is something else - fun to see the difference in cultures!

Rachelle  – (1:59 AM)  

Too cute! He has such a fun personality. One more month and I get to smother him with kisses!

Anna  – (2:35 AM)  

Already showing signs of a promising fture in endurance sports. So glad you got it on film!

Joy  – (11:41 AM)  

So glad you're documenting his marching abilities. LOVE that we can share in his growth.

K-country  – (4:58 PM)  

That is hilarious. Only wish it went on longer. hahaha.

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