Yesterday we celebrated Våffeldag in Sweden. It means Waffle Day. We ate waffles in the morning and again at night. Our kind of holiday.
The last holiday we celebrated previous to Våffeldag was Fettisdag. Fettisdag means Fat Tuesday, and it is a day when everyone eats these types of pastry called semlor (pictured). Also our kind of holiday.
The next upcoming holiday is obviously Easter, and in Sweden everyone gets Good Friday off of work, as well as the next Monday. One of the many beauties of having a foreign post with the government is that not only does Rob get all of the US holidays off from work, but he also gets the Swedish holidays as well.
Cheers to new holidays!

Joy  – (10:30 AM)  

Waffle day...that's a great holiday idea!

AJ Candrian  – (11:55 AM)  

Yum! I look forward to lots of fantastic pastries while I'm there. 1 more day!

Brittany  – (3:58 PM)  

Oh my mouth is watering! I'm so jealous you live in Europe right now. Pastries are my weakness . . .

KellySummer  – (2:23 AM)  

i love holidays about food. i am glad sweden recognizes its importance. i was reading old journals today and noticed that when we got engaged, the thing i talked most about was the food in boston. our honeymoon - i mentioned what we ate everyday and that's about all. our wedding, i mentioned that our reception was a success because we didn't run otu of food. I'm not kidding. i'm that pathetic.

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