Grandparents Visit
I decided it would be fun to learn how to use iMovie on the Mac, and it was. So here are some shots from last week when Grandma and Grandpa Candrian came to dote on their grandson. He sure loved their undying attention, and I sure loved the freedom to go ski every day and get a few nights out with my man!

Candria  – (9:56 AM)  

Wow! What great pictures! I can't get over how STINKIN' cute he is!!

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:09 AM)  

Seriously, he's the most handsome little baby

AJ Candrian  – (11:23 AM)  

I'm so glad you figured out how to make videos! I look forward to many more of those! :) He's so darling!

Andrea J  – (12:05 PM)  

Umm - could the male Candrian genes be more dominant? All three of them look so much alike.

Amy C  – (12:38 PM)  

Man, I wish I was there. I can't believe how big he's getting and more adorable by the day, too!

Joy  – (2:56 PM)  

Fantastic job on the movie and combination of photos...his grandparents loved every minutes with little Michael! Good thing someone in this family loves taking photos.

KellySummer  – (7:43 PM)  

i get excited watching movies like this cause Michael is just a couple months older than Ollie. Michael's a cutie and I'm excited for Ollie to do things like roll over and grab my face and laugh! :)

K-country  – (10:59 PM)  

B-Smalls is a movie star! Loved this! So nice~ck

lauren  – (1:02 PM)  

Oh my gosh!! (in a really bad fake spanish accent) - the family looks fantastic! Lorena - you look amazing! have fun and keep up with the pictures!


ps, the snow looks so fun!!

lauren  – (1:03 PM)  

Oh, i mean, rob, you look very nice too.....

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