Hey, Michael Robert here, aka Biggie Smalls, or just "the Smalls" if you want.

So today was my half-year birthday. I am now officially "half." I thought I would get some presents or cake or something. Instead I got some shots and peas. Lame. Maybe my one year birthday will be better.

Here are some things I like:
- playing in the bath
- seeing my grandparents (either having them visit or going to see them in Finland)
- things that are shiny
- whatever mom and dad have in their hands (but usually they won't let me take it.)
- being naked
- The Giants
- wind in my face
- watching sports (for 5-10 minutes)
- walking around in the baby bjorn
- the Muppets
- jumping
- rolling over
- seeing myself in the mirror when I am happy (that kid makes me laugh)

Things I don't like:
- wearing clothes
- sleeping in
- naps
- The Dodgers
- sitting still
- doing anything for more then 5-10 minutes
- being buckled into my car seat
- seeing myself in the mirror when I am mad (that kid makes me even angrier)

That's all folks. (I like watching Looney Tunes, too.)

Joy  – (2:45 PM)  

Wait, did I miss that photo-op moment with the peas? Kiss him and tell him he needs to snuggle with you for me.

Joy  – (2:46 PM)  

oh, I love that picture of you and Michael!

Brittany  – (3:32 PM)  

You know someone is cute when even though you've never met them, you still miss them like crazy.

Mrs. Anderson  – (6:55 PM)  

Ahhh adorable - and you are gorgeous!

ryan and becca  – (12:37 PM)  

he is SERIOUSLY cute - no joke

ck  – (8:47 PM)  

Love the picture!

Mike  – (10:47 PM)  

Glad to see that at least he's not a Warriors fan.

Amy C  – (2:32 AM)  

Michael, your favorite aunt MISSES you!

Whitney  – (2:27 PM)  

just popped over to see your boy... he's so big and here I just thought he was like a couple months old! he sounds fun! Millie totally hated her car seat too. It made me so frustrated b/c it was so stressfull to go Anywhere! He's way cute! hope you're having fun being parents!

Anna  – (10:13 AM)  

This is the most beautiful photo ever taken.

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