The Steam Roller
Michael is learning to travel quite efficiently by rolling. Can't crawl yet, but he found a way to get around anyway! He is such a determined little guy. I see so much of myself in his little personality. That realization is a little frightening. But it helps me understand him.

A couple weeks ago I had many sleepless nights because every time he would come into a light sleep and normally just go right on with sleeping, he decided instead that it would be a great time to practice his rolling trick and inevitably get stuck in the most awkward* positions in the corner of his crib. Of course he would start crying for me, so I would go in, roll him back over to the other end of his crib, and then before I could even get back to my bed he would be grunting again for another rescue. One night I had to resign to just sit on the chair next to his crib for an hour from 3am - 4am while he practiced his trick and got stuck over and over and over and over....
*I think awkward falls under the category of words that are self-descriptive.
And now that I am on the topic, here is a riddle to make yourself mad with: Does the word non-self-descriptive fall under the category of words that are self-descriptive, or non-self-descriptive?

KellySummer  – (4:00 PM)  

i love this so much...although not the part about it requiring you to stay awake. :) Did you realize me, you and dre will all have boys in the same grade? they need to be college roommates and live our glorious blue house days.

Joy  – (4:07 PM)  

Oh how I miss that determined little boy! I can picture him doing that as if it was only yesterday.

AJ Candrian  – (4:08 PM)  

You have no idea how excited I am to meet that funny kid! Just a few weeks away...

Amy C  – (4:23 PM)  

Man, I wish I could seem in RIGHT NOW!!! He's getting so big, I just love that that little guy who doesn't even remember who his favorite aunt is.

Brittany  – (9:31 PM)  

Are you serious? He was doing it in his sleep? Or was he awake in the middle of the night? Did swaddling him make him stop or did he keep on doing it throughout the night? You are one kind mother--I would have lost my patience!

Russ  – (9:56 PM)  

Ah, but non-self-descriptive is technically not a word. So now you're really asking, can a thing which does not exist describe itself? Which then leads to the question, can the non-existance of a description count as a description of non-existance? Think about that while you're rolling around, Biggie Smalls!

Mrs. Anderson  – (1:23 AM)  

The video is awesome - I have never seen a baby go over and over and over, LOVED IT. Do you have a wedge thing in his crib? I only had one with Andi but I wish I had one with all of them - they're awesome!

K-country  – (8:58 AM)  

Wow! That is sooo cute. He's ready to be mobile!

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