I got a sweet Giants jersey for my first Christmas. It even had my name on the back. I thought that would be a good tradition for Michael: he gets a new jersey every Christmas. Here is the first of many jerseys, although I don't think we will put Biggie Smalls on the back of all of them.

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:43 PM)  

Stud!!! That's an awesome tradition.

AJ Candrian  – (5:29 PM)  

That's really cute! Six days and counting...

Scott  – (8:27 AM)  

I think he could actually improve the Warriors if he suited up this season.

Amy C  – (9:36 AM)  

I love it! He's such a cute little man. I can't wait until he's big enough to actually play sports in all of his jersey's.

Mike  – (1:48 PM)  

Scott, don't kid yourself. Nothing could improve the Warriors!

Dana Broderick  – (12:16 AM)  

Sweet! What a great tradition and I think it should say biggiesmalls on all of them.

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