Surgery #5

In my futile attempts to try and out-do my father and have more knee surgeries then my Dad, I had knee surgery #4 today. He has also had four knee surgeries, but his were all on the same knee, so he says he is winning (I have had three on my left knee, and one on my right knee. Plus the ruptured achillies that they had to sew back together a few years ago, bringing the total to five. He will have to have a full knee replacement someday, so I think I will just give up and let him win!). This one was pretty chill. Some scar tissue had built up from my last ACL reconstruction (seven years ago), forming a "cyclops liasion." It had probably been there, growing, for a few years, but I banged my knee pretty well in a soccer game a few months ago, and knocked part of it loose. After a few days I could still run, but my knee just didn't feel "right." I kept playing on it because I figured if it was already hurt, I couldn't do any more damage. Eventually, I went to the doc, got an MRI (which, even with the co-pay was $300) and next thing you know I am getting sliced and diced - for the fifth time. I am supposed to be out of action for two-three weeks. That should put me back just in time for my final soccer game, and with time to spare for our trip to Utah, Idaho, and California in July so I can water-ski and surf.

I do have to say, this was the easiest and most comfortable surgery I have had. I don't know what this anesthesilogist did, but I woke up, didn't feel nauseous, and am now on the couch, feeling pretty well. In the past, after coming out of surgery, I would wake up, fall asleep, wake up again, etc. And usually the anesthesia left me feeling like puking. I haven't even had to use crutches this time, I just limp around kinda slow. Plus I had a lot of sick leave built up, so I figured I needed to use it somehow (I doubt I will be able to use all six weeks when Lorena has Biggie Smalls)!

AJ Candrian  – (8:15 PM)  

Maybe next you could blog about something more exciting/uplifting/non-surgical... how about your FUN/AWESOME/FAMILY-ORIENTED weekend you just had! Can't wait to read about it!

Rob  – (9:02 PM)  

I was waiting for you and mom to do that.

Amy  – (5:31 AM)  

Had Dad NOT sent out an email informing me that you were on your way home and everything went well from the surgery(my first time even HEARING about any surgery), I would have had to read it on your blog. Ok, ok, I may be in AFRICA, but you can still inform me of these things. :) Love you...cookies will come in 23 days, if you can wait that long.

McLove  – (1:13 PM)  

Sorry about your knee. That is a crazy amount of surgery! I LOVE the last post! Lorena is a beautiful prego girly!!!! Can't wait for you guys to be parents!

Lisa  – (12:12 AM)  

Sorry about you knee but your sisters getting on you is sweet and funny. Hope you feel better soon. Something in the mail for Biggie

Alaskan Assassin  – (12:48 AM)  

That sux. I hope you heal up quick. I do not know what I would do if I had bad knees. Probably shoot myself. jk

Anyways hopefully it works out that we can hook up in Cali next month. I hope you are healed enough to surf a little.

Drew Turk  – (7:29 PM)  

sorry to hear about another surgery. Is this something you can blame on JV football? so not worth it was it. Or it might actually sound like bad genes. thanks dad.

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