How well do you know Rob? Take Rob's Birthday Quiz
to find out.

Here are a couple random pictures of times past in Rob's life. I would have done a time-line collage, but I have lost my patience with blogger.com.

Picture #1: the San Fransisco days. Can you guess what decade Rob was born in?

Picture #2: the long hair days of Hawaii

Picture #3: now proving daily that bald is beautiful! (Yes, the pegged legged jeans are a joke.)

Happy Birthday Rob. I love you!

Snow Crew  – (6:08 AM)  

happy bday my score would have been better if you had put the right answers

Rachelle  – (3:06 PM)  

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Rob! I only got a 70 on the quiz. You drove an ice cream truck in Hawaii? Ha, Ha! (Said in the mocking voice of Nelson.)

Andrea J  – (4:30 PM)  

Weird that I knew Rob during his long haired Hawaii days, we all must be getting old.

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:55 PM)  

I think my MAC is prohibiting from seeing the quiz - or I am lame... I don't know. I will try again later. Hope it was a good birthday Rob - and yes, Bald is beautiful.

Snow Crew  – (9:01 AM)  

Oh, happy day, Rob. I just took the quiz and aced it - just like law school. I knew you and I are soulmates. Ditch Lorena and come to Japan, man. (They eat TONS of fish here - Lo would never make it)!

I hope you had a good b-day, man. Later,

Mike  – (11:34 PM)  

Happy Birthday!!! Is it weird that I think your Dad used to look like Tom Petty?

Snow Crew  – (7:00 AM)  

p.s. Does it bother you that your dad obviously likes the twins more than you?

Snow Crew  – (7:01 AM)  

p.p.s. Garrett thought that you were one of the girls in the picture.

Mike  – (10:37 PM)  

Sorry I scored so low on the quiz. Nice velvet shirt! The hair cut was hot too!

The Turks  – (3:12 PM)  

ok, happy birthday. it was good to see you for the wedding. Believe it or not I actually scored better than your 'best friend' Mike. It would have been even a better score but I didn't know the hawaiian cars and I almost answered bratwurst but second guessed myself. I love the hair photo, I remember when mine was that long once. several times I think, awk well. out.

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