My Utah Trip

So I went out to Utah over leap day weekend to go to Brian Haynie's wedding. While I was out there, Mike was kind enough to take me to the Jazz-Pistons game. I was also able to go snowboard a few times at Brighton (hence the faint signs of goggle tan on my face. Unfortunately, they have since subsided.) Sorry, no pictures from the Jazz game or snowboarding. Anyway, then Brian got hitched on leap day so he only has to remember his anniversary once every four years. For those who aren't "in the know," Brian is a good friend from High School (HHS - represent) and freshman year at Ricks. Although we don't see each other very often now (he is making mucho dinero selling home security, although I still don't know how that works...) I was stoked I could go out to his wedding.

Me, Turk, Brian, Jake, Jared

Craig, Me

The day after the wedding Jake and I were going to go ride up at Brighton again, but the weather was looking kind of sketchy, so we decided to go shoot out in the west desert. And when I say out in the west desert, I mean almost to Nevada. My Dad went with us, and kindly offered to drive (he didn't know what he was getting his Maxima into.)

Jake, looking like a Jihadi - he claimed this is what Afghanistan looks like. Fun.

Me and my Pops.
On Saturday night some of my friends came over to my parents house and we had a mini-pre-birthday party for me. Although no one brought gifts...cheapskates.
All-in-all it was a fun trip and it was nice to be able to hang out at my house, see my family, and see some old friends. Besides the sports coming on way too late, the other thing I dislike about DC is being far away from family and friends. Good thing we are moving to Stockholm, then people will be even closer...

Lorena  – (12:49 AM)  

Hi Rob! Am I allowed to write a comment on your post, even though it is technically my blog too? I'm glad you had fun on your trip, but I can't wait till we are both on vacation TOGETHER soon, and you come join me here in CA!
And thanks for the facelift to the blog, I like what you did. Except my volume was on high and the music just blasted Buddy awake. Oh well, he was snoring obnoxiously loud anyway.

Turk  – (7:47 PM)  

OK, I am not really good at reading blogs too often. Which is problematic when it comes time to looking at yours, because, well, you seem to blog very religiously and I don't know how I could keep up.
Anyways, It sure was great to see you and all the others at the wedding. It was fun. You should have called me to go shooting. I think all I did was sit on my couch. Anyways, you guys have a great blog, and thanks for leaving a comment on ours the other day. I appreciate it. cheers!

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