The Happiest Place On Earth
Okay, sorry if my odes to CA have become tiresome. I just had to post a few last pictures of my trip, and I can't help it with the Disneyland analogy anytime I ride my bike down the twists and turns of the Santa Monica Mtns, especially Latigo Road.
Here's a pic with a couple of my friends, Ralph and Heidi. Each time I come back to ride with my old riding buddies, thinking maybe I will impress them with my new fitness, all I find is that they have all gotten faster and stronger too! It's funny how deep a friendship we form on the basis of trying to rip each other's legs off. Dave Young is especially good at this, and like the strange relationship of someone who loves their abuser, we all love for Dave for his ability to make us suffer on our rides together. After the fast group ride, I couldn't help but go on a second ride. I had to ride this canyon solo so that I could soak it all up. This is the climb up the valley side of Mulholland Hwy.
Here is part of the roller-coasteresque descent down Latigo Road. It goes on like this for miles and miles. I still can't believe this is technically part of Los Angeles.
Still on Latigo Road, just closer to the bottom where it ends at the Pacific Ocean.
My bike is very happy, and decided to smile for this picture. (See the smiley cloud?)
The Pacific Ocean: the reward at the bottom of the mountain, right before the loooong climb back up.
Dena (fitness instructor and mtn biking stud) and daughter Peri, my hosts for my "cycling camp".
You know you live in a cool place when wild peacocks come roam around in your yard. But wild is a misnomer - they'll eat right out of your hand. (Dena and Rodd's ranch house is on the market - I wish I could buy it!)
Stay #2 was at the Roach Motel in San Clemente. (Rachelle's nickname has been Roach ever since we were kids and my parents insisted we stop calling her "Rachelle, the smell, the diaper pail" because it made her cry. I guess she figured Roach was a step up, and it has been a term of endearment ever since.)
My sister Rachelle, husband Adam, and my super-cute neice Tori. I am in love with this little girl! (Sorry Roach for stealing this pic from your blog...I forgot to take pics!)
Stay #3 was with Sunshine and Becca at Seal Beach. Becca looked over the couch and saw our husbands talking like this in the dining area. I'm not sure what this means, but the only time I remembered to whip out my camera for the last week of my trip, was when Becca and I spotted an opportunity to poke fun of our men. "Awww...look, they're having a slumber party!"

Mrs. Anderson  – (2:03 AM)  

love the smiley and the boys!!

Hans and Michelle  – (1:18 PM)  

It's so pretty! And the bike is too! I did my first official outside ride yesterday (only 14 miles) and I had a cheesy grin on my face the rest of the day. Loved it! Want to come to CO and ride?

LISA  – (9:15 PM)  

What a fun trip you must have had. Yes Tori is one cutie ha... The ride must have been fab.

Dana Broderick  – (12:18 PM)  

looks so beautiful! CA is a great place! i got a kick out of those husbands....they need guy time too right?

Benjamin  – (11:09 PM)  

Fun stuff! I'm sad that it'll be a while until we see each other again. I hear they're having a Disneyland race soon, ummm, yeah, a Disneyland race.

Ashlee  – (11:41 AM)  


b. brae  – (5:39 PM)  

yes, california is awesome - i have to agree.

what a treat to see you at church!

that's not to imply that you don't go to church regularly, but more that you don't attend our ward, (bit of a commute) so it was a treat to see you there.

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