Team HPC powered by Altarum
Here's an article about our new cycling team in Velonews.
And our new website
We recently had our first press release and a new website, so I guess team HPC powered by Altarum is now official. I am stoked to get to race with such talented teammates and can't wait to go shake things up with them. Many thanks to Susan Hefler (Hefler Performance Coaching)! I can't believe it's just one short month before racing starts up again. Yikes. I'm starting to feel those pre-season vibrations in the air (by air, I mean internet) that remind me just how soon the fun begins.
I've found that this is the time of year that is the hardest for a cyclist. You've been doing months of long endurance rides, and it's easy to go slightly dilusional (oxygen depletion?) and dream up ways in which you will shock everyone with the amazing new ability you magically developed during the off season, sending you to the 2008 Bejing Olympics this summer. (I know everyone has dreamed up some sort of variation on this theme.) Well, this is the time of year that you crash back to reality. Oh yeah, it hurts to go hard! Shoot, the rule that fitness doesn't happen overnight applies to me too! I can't just go as fast as I want on willpower alone. Crap! But once you recover from your crash back into reality, it's easy to just go out and have fun and race hard anyway. I wonder if it is really that much more satisfying/fun to race as someone who won an olympic gold, or world's*? I mean, I've certainly come a long way since my senior year of college when I entered my first race, and yet, I don't think it was any less fun then than it is now.'s to surviving my crash landing back into reality, hoping I still have a decent season anyway, and knowing it'll be a blast no matter what.

*Okay, so probably yes.

Melissa  – (12:14 AM)  

Congrats! That is awesome news.

Mike  – (8:37 PM)  

"climbing dynamo"!!! That's awesome! Good luck this season!

Chickin  – (11:16 PM)  

You guys are going to kick a$$ this year. I will definitely be cheering for you, even over that team of kittens!!!

Sara  – (5:39 PM)  

That's so cool!

Anna  – (12:50 PM)  

I still have faith that you're on your way to Beijing. And if not least the podium at Fitchburg!!! Can't wait for another season of traveling to races together!

Mrs. Anderson  – (2:37 PM)  

I can't wait to hear all your crazy stories!!

goat  – (4:37 PM)  

You guys have a kick ass team - but I'm not sure about the chicken's comment . . .

Dana Broderick  – (5:17 PM)  

you are an inspiration! (to all us stay-at-home mom's out there. :) do you have any races close to NYC? it'd be fun to see you in your speedo suit and crazy hat.

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