A couple years ago, I decided that as long as I was going to be putting so much effort into training for cycling, it would be ridiculous to not also back up those efforts with the increase in fitness I could gain simply by eating right. I immersed myself with anything I could read about the topic, bought a great cookbook, Eating for Life, (recommended by friends Mike and Sarah - thanks!) and followed the guidelines to a T for about 3 months. Like most resolutions, my vigor faded. Rob and I have both eaten much healthier ever since, but my commitment has ebbed and flowed.
Well, I am officially recommitting myself. As proof, I am currently eating an entire salmon filet for lunch. For me, this is huge, because I have found seafood absolutely revolting my entire life. A seafood dinner was probably about on par with a plate of cockroaches. I am slowly but surely overcoming this, all in the name of replenishing my body with all the omega-3's those slimey creatures offer. I even passed up the tastier looking option of a chicken croissant, and of course, the dessert bar.
I am writing in hopes that this time around I can find support in my efforts, rather than...well, the opposite of support. Many times when I pass up dessert (even after eating a hearty meal) I get criticised, jumped on, mugged, head dipped in the toilet for a swirlie - you name it. I actually get reprimands ("you're already skinny enough", and so on) and looks of worry. (I actually take in around 3000 cal/day...more or less depending on the day's workout.) I've felt pressured into eating dessert in the same stereotypical way I would imagine a 16 year old gets pressured into smoking a joint. I even have well-meaning friends who have made me cookies, hoping to cure me. Why the social opposition? I don't get it. Passing up delicious looking junk is the easy part (well, once I'm in the habit, at least); justifying myself to others is what becomes taxing. I'm actually guilty of taking dessert, pretending to eat or just taking a bite, then hiding it in a napkin and discretely discarding it. Or handing it off to Rob. (He loves that.) I know, it sounds like something you do if you're anorexic. Or if you were just served worms for dessert. Not just someone trying to eat healthy.
So the point is, I am begging support in my goal to eat right.

LISA  – (3:01 PM)  

You go girl FISH is good for you remember you said "Food is fuel not entertainment or fun !!!! I tell myself that all the time now, Good luck

Dana Broderick  – (3:44 PM)  

Lorena! I'm so impressed with you and keep up the good work! It is really funny how our culture is and if you don't eat sugar or dessert, something is wrong with you! (surely!) One year my goal was to go without sugar and dessert and I felt the best that I have in my life! And I LOVE SALMON! You need some straight from Alaska and then you would like it....most fish out there is pretty repulsive! (sorry to ruin it for ya) I can't eat most of it b/c I was so used to the fresh stuff growing up! I don't know how in the world they can say it's straight from AK???

Have you ever hear the comedian Jim Gaffigan? Listen to his clip on You Tube about fish.....type in Jim Gaffigan Eat Vegitarian and listen to it....hilarious!

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:59 PM)  

I have always gotten crap about not eating sweets too - it's weird how that is! But as I read that you have been guilty of putting it in a napkin, I am trying to recall ever noticing that - nope you are pretty slick!! So way to go Lorena - here's to eating healthy. Now get out there and have some sushi... that's the BEST way to eat fish!

b. brae  – (7:47 PM)  

i am not fond of seafood either - ironic since i've lived by the beach for the past 20 years. so i take omega-3 supplements.

i think it's awesome that you are eating healthier - it's one thing i am trying to instill in my children - but we do have a fierce sweet tooth to battle.

AJ Candrian  – (10:26 PM)  

I'm not sure if I can support you in this. Eat dessert. It's good for you. And you could use a little more fat on your body. I repeat: I CANNOT support you in this.

Your favorite sister-in-law,


P.S. I support the fish part.

Mike  – (12:45 AM)  

Lorena, try to get Rob to eat healthier before he starts looking like the rest of our high school buddies:)(

Sara  – (4:59 PM)  

I've totally been there with the dessert thing - guiltily trying to hide it, or pushing it around so much that it looks like a lot more was eaten. Don't back down on what you want to do and just remember others with they had that type of self control! Food = fuel, and you need lots of good fuel to do what you do, so don't feel bad about it!!

Rachelle  – (11:27 PM)  

People push dessert on you, because they are jealous of your self control (or their own lack of). Good for you with the fish. I am super duper surprised/pleased! BTW, with this new advancement, I have decided to BBQ some cockroaches when you come out here in March. Maybe cockroach s'mores instead? Either way.

Michelle  – (11:32 AM)  

What else does the book tell you to eat? I'm curious. I have as much willpower as a rock. (Do rocks have willpower?)

Amy  – (2:30 PM)  

Everything is good in moderation, meaning that just like too many sweets can be bad for you, too many fruits and vegetables can be bad too.

I'm all over supporting a healthy diet but that involves having sugar, not the lack thereof. Why deprive yourself of something that can be good for you?

Plus, there are health benefits to eatings sweets, like dark chocolate...antioxidants, serotonin, endorphins...all things that will make you happy. Deprivation can't do that.

Brittany  – (2:31 PM)  

Wow. Looks like you've started something here! I do support your healthy eating -- however, I do feel a little sugar never hurt anyone (unless your Diabetic, of course). You'd probably be disgusted by the way I eat . . . not that I eat unhealthy -- I just like my treats! :)

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