USA v. mexico

If anyone is wondering what they should watch on Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EST, what, with the writers strike going on and everything, I have a small suggestion: Watch the second best rivalry in America (the first, of course, would be the Giants-Dodgers): USA v. mexico in soccer. And, by-the-way, the U.S. has owned mexico lately, which means that I probably just jinxed them, and we will lose. Every since I went on my mission I have developed a fondness for "the world's game," especially Team USA. For those of you who think that soccer is only interesting every four years during the world cup I encourage you to watch this game. The U.S. has the potential to be an entertaining team and we own mexico. Seriously, we haven't lost to them in a long time (I'm too lazy to research how long our unbeaten streak is against mexico, but suffice it to say, we own mexico.) After all, (with the exception of war) when do two countries get to battle each other for bragging rights? And it's really fun to be better at soccer (or futbol) then mexico. So watch your team beat our friendly neighbors to the south at what they consider to be their game. And what could be more American than putting other countries in their place?

P.S. If anyone needs an idea for a birthday present for me (March 3rd) I may need a new U.S. jersey.

Brittany  – (2:08 PM)  

Maybe I can go in on that with a couple of my sisters?

Rachelle  – (4:24 PM)  

Thanks a lot for the jinx. I will definitely be blaming their loss on you. Go USA!

Mike  – (11:55 PM)  

I'd rather watch Utah beat the Nuggets for their NBA best 10th straight win! Go Warriors!!!

Snow Crew  – (8:29 AM)  

My brother was just narrating this game for us over the phone. We will need to watch in in person to find out who one (don't spoil it!) all he told us was how much trash was being thrown.

Amy  – (6:40 PM)  

The best rivalry and they tie? You and your jersey' sisters and I will discuss this need of yours.

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