Florida: The new California
Okay, well not really. But still, I can see why all the blue-haired folk flock here for retirement. It has the same great weather and beautiful beaches, without the same price tag. Rob's parents rented a beach house for the family for Christmas, so we've been here all week enjoying what has been a true vacation. Not the kind that leaves you feeling like you need another vacation afterwards. We are out on a peninsula called Alligator point, and the closest thing to us in civilization is a grocery store about 30 miles away. Now that's vacation. So here is what we've done while having nothing to do...
Overly elaborate sand castles...walks on the beach...

make fun of Amy's hairdo...all day long bike ride...1000 piece puzzle...

get destroyed at cards by Rob...strange competitions on the beach...collect seashells...

family runs (how cute, I know)...

In fact, the only "plan" we had for the whole week was going on a river tour to see alligators, manatees, and other cool wildlife. I felt like we were on the set of Tarzan - and as it turns out, this place actually was the set for Tarzan. For my California friends, it's just like going on "The Jungle Cruise" at Disneyland, except we didn't have to wait in line for two hours, our guide didn't have a script of lame jokes, and we didn't see a rhinoceros using its horn to chase some guy up a palm tree.

Mrs. Anderson  – (5:42 PM)  

There is truly no better way to spend Christmas from the sounds of it. It looks like a blast guys!!!

Rachelle  – (10:10 PM)  

How fun is that?! What an awesome, memorable Christmas. I can't believe how big and beautiful the seashells are there. Sweet! Did you pack a million into a bucket to bring home, in true McKee fashion? :-)

Mike  – (6:57 PM)  

nice! I'm jealous!

Dana Broderick  – (12:09 AM)  

looks like fun! we walked through the gorgeous beaches in Tucson, AZ this year...like every year. love the snowman, castle, walks on the beach....what a Christmas miracle. I'm glad you made it.

Jena Wise  – (4:08 PM)  

sounds heavenly! love the pictures - glad you had a great time!

Amy  – (1:34 AM)  

wow...what an awesome family to be part of!

Cameron and Kathryn  – (3:35 AM)  

Hey, I just found your blog address again. I thought you guys were moving to Sweden? It sounds like things are going well for you. You need to come and visit us in Cali and go to a Giants game.

Melissa  – (12:42 AM)  

Sounds like you had a great time! I loved seeing the different things you did--you are so much fun!

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