This post is for a good friend of the Candrian blog, Garrett Snow. He was just promoted to Lieutenent in the US Naval Corps. Congrats G.

Snow Crew  – (12:00 AM)  

I didn't know that they filmed Garrett at his Navy training. The footage is fantastic!

Andrea J  – (11:17 AM)  

y'all are funny - you're blog is always a good laugh. Spencer just got a new idea to apply for a job at the CDC in DC. We'll see.

Dana Broderick  – (6:16 PM)  

whenever I watch your clips my kids want to watch them over and over. I think they watched the sweedish meatball song a thousand times. this one might be as big of a hit too...

lorena, i've run ever since I had Audrey here and between babies :) i'm not very fast though and haven't any natural talent, like you when it comes to long distance things. And here is the kicker, i really don't like pain. i'm realy debating about this marathon thing, but I want to do one when I'm 30 (yikes!)and then retire.

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