Who wrote that "Walking in Memphis" song? Man, that song sucks. Since I am on the internet, I am going to look it up...(answer: Marc Cohen). Why am I writing about Memphis...because it is a Christmas Miracle, we are stuck at the airport, in Memphis.

From these pictures, you can see what fun we are having on Christmas Eve. We are trying to fly to Tallahassee (I honestly don't know how you spell it, and I don't care, never was a big Florida State fan anyway) to spend Christmas with my family (for those out there who are confused and thought my family was in Utah, well yes, some of them are. But Andrea is a reporter for the CBS affiliate in Florida, and we are all going to visit her.) Anyway, we are stuck at the airport in Memphis. I'd never been to Tennessee before (what is with all of these places with multiple repeat letters?) but I have now been at the Memphis airport for a while. It is seriously awesome (as in it sucks). First we got on the plane, and then we sat there for a half hour and then we got off. Looks like the First Mate called in sick. That means we have to wait for another First Mate, or until the sick one gets better, which ever comes first. I was contemplating writing about how I hope the other guy is dying, but that isn't nice, so I won't. Anyway, at least they let us get off the plane, versus staying on while we wait for the First Mate replacement. If you look at picutre number too it says that our flight will be boarding at 3:45 (this factors in the initial hour-and-a-half delay). Well, right now it is 3:56 and we aren't boarding. While waiting in the lobby the stewardess for our flight sat down by us. Then she got up and asked us if we would watch her luggage. Here is a picture of us watching her bag.

Isn't that what they have a million announcements about not doing? We still said yes, and then contemplated telling on her and seeing what happens. In the end, we didn't. Maybe we will get a free drink on the plane? If we did, it would be a Christmas Miracle. No wait, actually leaving Memphis would be a Christmas Miracle.


gwadzilla  – (12:38 PM)  


sorry about the big delay in your holiday fun!

Rachelle & Adam  – (3:47 PM)  

What a nightmare! However, it made for a good blog entry. I enjoyed the photo of the suitcase.

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:49 PM)  

HILARIOUS!!! Well sitting here it's hilarious... can't wait to hear how the rest of your adventure is going!!

Michelle  – (10:46 AM)  


Sounds exciting! I have the same purple shirt you are wearing. WIsh we could just share clothes again:)

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