The Walkenhorsts:
Mike and Sara came to visit us in D.C. It was rad. This was Mike's present to himself for graduating from business school. As you can tell from this picture we had to drug Mike to be able to take him out in public. But it was still a fun trip. We went to Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, saw the monuments, the National Archives, the Air and Space Museum, and went to a Wizards game. In between we ate some good food, reminisced, and caught up on old times. For those that don't know, I think I met Mike when I was six years old. He likes to tell a story about me getting him in trouble in first grade for swearing. But isn't that how friendships start, by ratting someone out? Or maybe that is how you get killed by the mafia...anyway, it was a fun trip and we were very stoked that they came to visit us.

At the wizards game

At the capitol. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture...lame, I know
Lorena and Sara at the Capitol. Again, picture rotation problems.

Mike  – (12:50 AM)  

Couldn't you find a better picture? I totally look stoned! Thanks again for a fun trip! Hope to join you in Stockholm as well! Merry Christmas.

gwadzilla  – (12:39 PM)  


mike does look stoned

but no worries on the inability to rotate the images
my monitor rotates!

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:51 PM)  

Now that's true friendship - and I am not at all surprised.

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