Frozen Peas

Ella grabbed a bag of peas out of the freezer drawer that I didn't think she could reach. You would have thought she broke open a pinata, the way they flung all over, the way Smalls came running, and the way their faces lit up as they gobbled them up right off the ground.

Smalls has not been interested in peas for months, so yay! He shared some with me and they were really good, tasting more like a fresh pea from the garden than the way I am used to cooked peas. Who knew? Probably everyone but me.

Brittany  – (9:13 AM)  

Ah, your kids. I love them. I sure wish James had Smalls taste buds or at least his culinary adventure.

Joy  – (11:15 AM)  

Ha ha, I'm glad they enjoyed their vegetables!

AJ Candrian  – (11:31 AM)  

Poor kids... their Aunt Andrea forgot to teach them to steer clear of peas! :)

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