Midsummer, etc.

Rob and I raced the 5k at the midsummer celebration in Tyresta. He ran in a good time even while pushing the jogging stroller with both kids and got a post race interview for it. I let him push the stroller so that he'd have a good excuse when I beat him.

Michael loved the kids race.

Ella is in the crawl-into-everything stage. It's pretty darn cute the things I find her in.
Michael loves riding the train. We sold our car a few weeks ago and he keeps telling me he is sad that it is gone. So I remind him that we get to ride the bus and train everyday now because it is gone, and he'll go, oh, okay, I'm happy now.

"Hey Michael - Smile! Okay, with your eyes open."

"Now try again. Eyes open."

"Can you open your eyes and smile at the same time?" By this point, other passengers were trying to offer him advice as well.

Our friends The Aikens were super nice and hosted a goodbye party for us last weekend. Of course I forgot to take any pictures but this one. Ella was loooooooving the party - first a little girl brought her this entire plate of cookies. Later I shared some cake and soda with her. Later I found that another little girl had brought her a cupcake. She was just walking around as fast as I've ever seen her go and just giggling and giggling like she was on speed. It was pretty awesome.

Brittany  – (7:19 PM)  

I'm going to miss your Sweden posts. But, I am sure there are some good Israel ones to come.

Based on the photo of Rob holding Ella, I'd say Livy is already bigger than her. :)

We can't wait to see Rob and Michael in a couple weeks!

Joy  – (10:26 PM)  

Was Rob's post interview on the news or in the newspaper? What will Ella crawl into at her grandparents house?
We're so excited to have you all close for weeks!

RachelAA  – (11:21 PM)  

The run sounds awesome. And Ella's sugar high is fantastic!! You guys are so amazing. Where is your next journey?

AJ Candrian  – (10:11 AM)  

Your kids are entirely too cute. I can't wait to see you guys soon.

Amy Lovell  – (1:18 PM)  

I can't believe your time in Sweden is about up and I only got to visit once. I hope I can say the same about Israel. I can't wait to see you guys in a few more weeks!

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