Colored Michaels

That is what Michael calls the photobooth app on the computer.  Basically, he could sit and take pictures of himself for HOURS, if we let him.  One day, I think he took over 80 pictures.  He has recently figured out how to take videos, which are pretty funny too.  As you can see, some of the pictures are in crazy colors, hence his name for it:  Colored Michaels.  These are some of our favorites:

my favorite

2nd place

Michael's second favorite thing is the "Songify" app, where he can record himself, and then it gets played back in autotune.   I'd post his latest creation (which is awesome) but I don't know how to post a song to blogger.  Sorry.

Amy Lovell  – (10:13 AM)  

This kid cracks me up, his faces are too cute. You know, after we were in Coronado, and Michael was playing with my phone, I'm pretty sure he had taken like 50 pictures of himself. Oh, and you're welcome for introducing you to the songify app...loved his bear suit song!

Rachelle  – (2:43 PM)  

He is too cute! He definitely needs his own camera (birthday?). He would go nuts with it! He has such a fun personality.

Joy  – (1:22 PM)  

Does this mean he takes after his Grandma...just a little with his photographic obsession?

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