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Michael watched an episode of Diego today, and this was the scene I returned to when I got out of the shower. He is such a guy. He dragged the potty in to the living room so that he wouldn't miss any of his precious Diego time while doing business. I know I'm sort of a t.v. nazi (he generally gets to watch one or two shows per week), but this really highlighted the fact and made me wonder if I need to lighten up on regulations around here.

RachelAA  – (10:14 PM)  

My kids use something to prop open the bathroom door so they can still see the tv while doing their business. Eww :)

AJ Candrian  – (10:44 PM)  

That's hilarious! He is so resourceful.

Brittany  – (8:34 AM)  

Ha. That's pretty clever. Cute boy.

I totally always thought I'd be a TV Nazi with my kids (this was before I had kids, of course) but my goal seems silly compared to yours. Mine is to only let Jamers watch 1-2 shows a day (I'm sorry, have you seen Phineas and Ferb? Even I want to watch it). We both take awhile to really wake up in the morning so we watch a show or two while we snuggle and then we are good to go.

Michael's resourcefulness reminds me that I need to start bringing our potty on car rides with us--just in case. Thanks for the reminder! :)

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