This week we decided to take a random trip to Tallin, Estonia. One of the things I should have mentioned in my previous list of things I dig about Sweden is the cheap cruises we've been able to take. For a grand total of something like 80 bucks, Rob, Smalls and I got a cabin on a round trip cruise to check out the city for a day. I really love short trips like that, and I really really love great deals like that. And I quite like doing the cruises every now and then. It feels like camping to me, in a totally non-camping sort of way. (In my mind that statement makes perfect sense.) And then when you wake up you are somewhere new. Love that.
The city was pretty cool. Supposedly it has one of the best preserved old towns in the world. Buildings still in use from the 1300's. I didn't know much about it's history except that it used to be part of the USSR until 1991. I learned that it has been occupied on and off by Russia and Germany for a good deal of it's recent history, and it was humbling to walk down the streets and realized how much the every day citizen has been through to finally have their recent independence. We went to the Museum of Occupations, where they had rather basic stuff on the main floor, and all the impressive huge statues of past oppressive leaders were sort of thrown into a darker basement with zero fanfare. Great statement. 
While I'm at it I have to brag about the trip I took a couple months ago to Helsinki. The cruise ship gave some free tickets to the embassy, which combined with the free bus ride (anytime if you board pushing a stroller), got me and Smalls all the way from my living room to Helsinki and back without paying a penny for even so much as gas. Lovely. I hope all of my deal-loving and extreme-couponing family members are impressed.

RachelAA  – (7:25 PM)  

That is SO cool. You'd never experience something like that here!

Brittany  – (8:19 PM)  

I'm so so so so so so so so jealous you get to have fun adventures like that. I felt so lucky that I got to go to Oklahoma a few weeks ago. Estonia is definitely cooler.

Rachelle  – (12:02 PM)  

How could we NOT be impressed by that?!

Sara  – (8:47 PM)  

Sounds like an awesome trip. Totally jealous!!

Davis Doings  – (10:08 PM)  

Wow! So cool to see Estonia. Lorena, you look soooo cute! I am very impressed with your free trip to Helsinki!

Joy  – (10:56 AM)  

Super impressed with your amazing deals on your cruising trips! That town looks like it's had a lot of Russian influence.

AJ Candrian  – (11:25 AM)  

I think I'm more impressed with your amazing deals, because I have no idea how to get good deals like everyone else in my family. I'm usually pleased if I manage to buy a shirt on sale instead of full price. By the way, you guys always have such delux, fancy looking strollers.

Carin  – (3:48 PM)  

How did you get Biggie to recreate that scene in Titanic? Impressive. x

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