Bin Laden made me homesick

I am a little surprised at how stoked I am that they got bin Laden. I didn't expect to be so hooked on the news and get goose bumps so many times. But it sort of makes me glad that I feel this way considering the fact that when a friend mentioned on Friday that she wanted to stay home to watch as much of the royal wedding as possible, I wasn't exactly sure what she was talking about.  Me: Wedding = huh? Death = goosebumps. Interesting self-analysis.

My point in this is that I want to give some high fives and be part of the revelry at home that we got him. I was reading a Swedish newspaper today, where it is also headline news. However, I was a little let down that I couldn't find a single line of excitement that we took him out. I've read American headlines that proclaim "Rot In Hell", "We Got The Bastard", "Dead", etc. To contrast, the front page I saw here had a picture of bin Laden and stated something like "Swedish people after bin Laden's death - Half believe this will cause new terrorist attacks in Sweden".  Other articles' headlines were "Terrorism not dead with Osama" and "There will be reprisals for Osamas death". Another article just outlined many of the other most-wanted terrorists still out there and talked about another leader who is about as powerful as bin Laden and still alive. True, true, true, and true. But a total buzz-kill. I'm not, and Americans are not (I don't think...) in denial about anything. But I didn't read a single positive note about the fact that at least this one awful, most-wanted-terrorist is gone for good. What the what?

I guess I kind of get it - he was not their monster. And there are other different-frame-of-mind factors that I am starting to understand better now as well. But still, I am homesick today. I want to revel in it with my country.

The Richmans  – (8:20 PM)  

I think I get what you're saying. I remember the day they caught Sadam. All over the news there were pictures of people celebrating in D.C., at the White House, Capitol, etc., and JUST the day before I had come home (back to Utah) from my internship in D.C. I was so bummed I wasn't back in D.C. to celebrate with everyone. I mean, sure, people in Utah were happy about it, but nothing like they would have been if I had still been in D.C.

Mike  – (9:08 PM)

"Tango's down, Tango's down."

"We got him!"

Anna  – (2:16 PM)  

Just for the record, I may have gotten all giddy about the royal wedding but the elimination of bin Laden as a threat to the US (and the world)is truly profound. Hopefully you will let me make you watch Prince Harry's wedding with me, whenever that is.

Carin  – (2:42 PM)  

Ha ha ha - the ever neutral Swedes :) Carin xxx PS I'm preggars too due end nov / beg dec. PSS Ding dong the witch is dead. Yippee

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