Looking inside my finger

I had my sixth surgery today (three on left knee, one on right knee, one on left achilles, and now my right pinky finger).  This was the first one I was able to be awake for.  It is a bit surreal looking inside your own hand.  I was under local anesthetic for this one, as the surgeon needed me to be able to flex my hand to make sure that everything was attached with the right tension, so I would have the right range of motion.  About halfway through, the doctor asked if I wanted to look in, and I couldn't say no - morbid curiosity got the best of me.  It was really interesting seeing the bone, the ligaments, etc.  It wasn't as freaky as I thought it would be, probably because there wasn't that much blood.  It was also really weird having my hand be numb, but still feeling the pressure and pulling associated with re-attaching a tendon to my finger.  It was a bit painful when they attached an anchor to the bone in my finger that would be used to re-attach the tendon.  I guess they aren't really able to numb the bone.

For those that are wondering what I did to have surgery on my pinky (generally regarded as the wussiest of fingers..) It seems I tore a tendon off the bone playing hockey back in December.  The finger slowly felt better over the past few months, which is why I didn't go to the doctor.  Two weeks ago,  while playing soccer, I re-injured it.  When the doctor saw it on Wednesday, she said:  "That is the most unstable finger I have ever seen, that someone can still move."  I wanted to take a picture of the surgery, but I wasn't allowed to bring a camera in.   Sorry.

Brittany  – (9:13 AM)  

You think you'd learn eventually! :)

I hope it's okay now.

AJ Candrian  – (10:37 AM)  

If you could type a whole blog post, I guess you are doing okay. Unless you dictated it to Lorena. But I am glad all went well. I just found out yesterday this was taking place.

Amy Lovell  – (12:38 PM)  

I think we Candrian's just have a high pain tolerance (minus A and B). Heck, dad ran on his broken foot for months before he decided to go to the doctor. I had a HORRIBLE abscess in my mouth that, apparently, should have been super painful and the doc was surprised I let it go on as long as I did. We're just tough people I guess!

I'm glad you're doing ok. Sheesh, six surgeries! Try to stop it at that, huh?

d  – (11:08 PM)  

We all know that you hurt your finger by raising it too often as you sip your tea. Such a wuss. -dayna

Rachelle  – (1:32 AM)  


Sara  – (6:46 PM)  

Dude, you were playing hockey? Dude!

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