Spring Training

In honor of Spring Training starting up, Michael and I wore our Giants World Champions shirts.  Lucky little kid, he is a Giants fan for one whole season and he gets a championship.  I had to wait 31, and my Dad had to wait 52 (I am counting since 1958, when the Giants moved to The City.)  Last year, even living in Sweden, I was able to make it to 4 Giants games (including 1 playoff game against the Phillies).  We will see if I am able to make it out to any games this year.

Amy Lovell  – (2:16 PM)  

I'm sure you'll find a way to get to a game. You usually do. Michael looks so cute in his shirt. Maybe we should have family pictures in our giants gear. I think we all have something.

RachelAA  – (5:20 PM)  

Apparently he's a good luck charm!

KellySummer  – (6:33 PM)  

he looks so old, rob not michael. jk. they both do. ok, just kidding, i meant michael and really i just wanted to say that sometimes it seems so strange that its time to start thinking (or preparing in your case) for number 2 and other times it seems like its been forever since kid 1 was born. random comment.

AJ Candrian  – (7:08 PM)  

The Giants are playing in D.C. this spring. Come and bring Michael to his first Giant's game. On me. (the tickets... not the flight)

Joy  – (11:57 AM)  

Family gathering in DC for a Giant's game, hum, now that's a great idea! Michael doesn't look as excited as Rob in this photo. Haven't you taught that little boy to love the team yet? Have you taught him to say, "YEA Giants!"?

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