The Artist

Check out the serious look on his face.

Joy  – (4:50 PM)  

I love it, a bathtub artist!

RachelAA  – (6:52 PM)  

Who is he calling a loser?

AJ Candrian  – (7:25 PM)  

Looks like he inherited his father's art skills. :) What a cute kid. I can't believe how much hair he has. I guess that's probably normal, but I'm so used to seeing bald JB.

Amy Lovell  – (7:34 PM)  

Oh my goodness, I love that little boy. He so darling. One month, and I can't wait!

Rachelle  – (1:56 PM)  

Hey, it's letting me comment! What a cute photo! It's never occurred to me to have kids finger paint in the bathtub. Genius.

Anna  – (10:38 AM)  

Now that he knows the sign for loser, maybe you should work on "whatever".

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