Two Boys and Their Dog
pic 1)Chewy is soooooo cute! I am in a house full of boys, and I adore them all.

pic 2) One boy likes to wake up earlier than the other boy. Rob didn't have much success catching a few extra zzz's. When this kid wakes up, he is rearing to go, and when you are sharing a hotel room that means it is not just mom that has to wake up with The Smalls (ha-ha, welcome to my world, honey!).

pic 3 and 4) This boy is very excited to finally meet his mormor and morfar (maternal grandma and grandpa). I think they were just a little happy too. He got to travel all the way to Finland on a boat to meet them there. He has become a more distinguished traveler in his three months of life than I was in my first 20 years!

Amy C  – (5:01 PM)  

Love all of the pictures! Welcome to the family Chewy!

Mike  – (8:46 PM)  

Sweet dog! How was Finland?

Brittany  – (9:02 PM)  

I can't wait to meet Michael and Chewy. When can we skype you guys?

Sara  – (12:02 AM)  

I love that dog! How fun to go see your parents!

Joy Candrian  – (10:48 AM)  

I love that puppy too went to Finland...cute picture with your Mom...looks like Michael is going to have some new entertainment with Chewy. Hope he doesn't chew on my grandson!

Joy Candrian  – (10:50 AM)  

Wait what happened to picture 4?

Davis Doings  – (11:12 AM)  

Oh, Michael is so precious! I love Chewy too! I am glad you had such a great Christmas!

ryan and becca  – (2:37 PM)  

I was scrolling down your pictures and saw the one of your mom and was like (in my head) "Lorena looks just like her mom." And then, I saw the pic of your dad and was like (again, mentally) "she looks JUST like her dad." Just thought you'd be interested in my deepest thoughts on that topic...(kidding, I KNOW you're interested)

Rachelle  – (5:20 PM)  

Love the photos! Every time I see Michael I am sad that he's almost 4 months old and haven't held him yet. Such a cutie. And although I'm not much of a dog person, your dog IS adorable. Good to talk to you this morning!

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