A visit from farmor, farfar, and Mays

That's swedish for Grandma, Grandpa, and Amy. Okay, not Swedish for Amy, we just call her Mays.

Last week my parents and Amy came and visited. We did not realize how much help they would be. Just having someone else to hold Michael when he was being a pill was the best part. This made us realize that everyone who has a kid with family living nearby is cheating!

Besides hanging out with Michael we went and did a few touristy things. Here are some pictures.

We saw the changing of the guard at the royal palace.

Everyone came and visited me at work

We visited Drottningholm, where the royal family lives.

And my mom took about 1,000 pictures of us with Michael. But this first one is one we took of Her holding him, right before he peed on her.

And they were also able to be here for Michael's blessing. He was rocking the same outfit I had when I was blessed a mere 30 years ago.

Three generations of Candrian men

And finally, a few of us mocking Michael when he cries.

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:16 AM)  

I wanted to point out how stinken' cute the family picture in front of the Embassy is, then Lorena and The Smalls, and then the problem became that all the pictures are too darn cute and Lorena is gorgeous in them all!

Amy C  – (12:35 PM)  

Aw, I miss you guys, I want to come back right now! Thanks for letting us come and play babysitter for a week, I love you!

AJ Candrian  – (1:38 PM)  

I'm going to come visit next. Make the weather a little warmer and I'd come tomorrow!

Sara  – (10:57 PM)  

He's a cute little guy! It looks beautiful there!

Honky Lips  – (10:06 PM)  

Love the pics.

Hopefully I will meet the run guy some day. Maybe at his wedding. =)

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