Puppy Too
This little puppy was Rob's favorite toy when he was a kid. It was named "Puppy Too" because anything that Rob did or anywhere he went, he always asked "puppy too?".
So it's really cute to see Michael making pals with the same worn, threadbare stuffed animal.

Just these last few days Michael has become really alert and curious. I feel like he is really paying attention to me now and learning. It's so much fun!
His favorite, most alert place is still the changing table. It is supposed to be good to give his little bum air time (to help w/diaper rash) and he loves having his diaper off, but he is so amusing during these times that I sometimes go a little too long playing with him like that and it can get messy. Last night was his most alert, curious, giggly, fun time yet, and it cost me TWO diaperless pees and TWO poops. Each time I thought, "well, now he has it all out of his system so I am safe." I should have known better. You are NEVER safe around a baby without a diaper. It's funny how quickly you get used to this as a mom. I think by day three of Michael's life I was already thinking of pee as nothing more than water mixed with a little love.
I am sooooo glad we have hardwood floors and not carpet!

Candria  – (12:34 PM)  

He is so stinkin' cute!!!

ryan and becca  – (1:10 PM)  

Does he liiiiike tummy time - why is he so happy? What the...

Brittany  – (1:11 PM)  

I miss puppy too. I still have the little version of puppy too that Rob gave me when they had to leave me in the hospital when I was born. I'm not giving it to my kid. It's all mine. :) Wow, I sound selfish.

AJ Candrian  – (1:14 PM)  

Cute! He looks different in these pictures. Maybe because most of his pictures I've seen he's crying. He's so darling either way though!

Joy Candrian  – (2:15 PM)  

Oh, I love his smile...he is looking so grown-up! Keep coming with the photos...they bring joy into my days! KISSES

Lisa  – (2:21 PM)  

He is sooo cute I love his little face!!

Erin S  – (3:00 PM)  

So CUTE!!! Carter loved the changing table too. It's amazing how far poop shoots through the air...

Amy C  – (3:14 PM)  

Man, you're making me want to come back to Sweden REALLY soon. He's SO adorable, and I miss him, and you guys like crazy.

Sara  – (3:33 PM)  

He is such a cutie! And I love the photos of Chewy. I'm so glad you guys are FINALLY getting a dog!

Rachelle  – (6:02 PM)  

He is sooooooooo adorable. Holy cow. I echo Becca's comments about him smiling while on his tummy. Wow. Did you know you're lucky?

I want to meet him so badly!

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