Settling the debate:

So everyone (and when I say everyone I mean millions of people) have been debating: Who does Michael look like?

Judge for yourself.

Hint: one is me on the day I was blessed and one is Michael.

AJ Candrian  – (9:05 PM)  

Where is the picture of Lorena as a baby? I need to see both before I make a fair comparison.

Erin S  – (12:18 AM)  

Yes, ditto what Andrea said.

d  – (12:18 AM)  

btw- he looks like Lo so you can stop the debate. I mean you want him to be attractive right?;)

Brittany  – (9:14 AM)  

You can definitey tell he's your son. And I hope he looks like you for his sake--I mean, yes, Lorena is beautiful but he's a boy so you want him to look like a guy!

Amy C  – (9:22 AM)  

Since I've seen him in person I think I can be a fair judge. I think he looks like you when he's sleeping, but sometimes when he's awake he looks like Lorena, but still with a little more you in him. He's a mixed child! :)

Brittany  – (9:35 AM)  

By the way, I do think he looks like you in some pictures and Lorena in others--he looks like he's a good combination--cute no matter what. But in order to judge fairly I will have to see him in person or see a picture of Lorena as a baby!

Joy Candrian  – (10:50 AM)  

I saw pictures of Lorena as a baby and Michael is so much like Rob...the pictures I e-mailed you prove it. So precious & cute!

Bellie  – (6:34 PM)  

He looks fantastically beautiful!!! Like both of you. (I need to see your baby pics to make a decision :-)

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