A weekend with the Smalls.

Here are some more pictures of everyone's favorite baby: Biggie Smalls aka Michael Robert.
(watch out, I will karate chop you if I wake up)

This weekend we took a little road trip to go meet Michael's new friend, Chewbacca aka "Chewy." Yes we are going to get a dog and we are probably insane, but that's okay. We won't pick him up until after Christmas, but we got to go meet him on Saturday. He is going to be our Christmas Present for the family. So finally, 23 years after I asked Santa for a dog (and that Christmas I got a crappy race car set that was missing pieces - merry Christmas to me...), I will finally get my pooch.

Michael keeps getting bigger and more interesting. He doesn't cry as much as he used to, but he still prefers to be on the move. That means, when we are at home he likes being held while we bounce on the exercise ball. So double bonus: we get an ab workout and he is happy.

Today we listened to Abbey Road and danced around to make him happy. Never too young to get him liking good music. So far he is a fan of Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, and the Beatles. He is indifferent to Huey Lewis and the News, but I will keep trying.

At church, he was looking very dapper.

Then he pee'd on himself and didn't have a shirt to wear anymore.

Amy C  – (12:05 PM)  

Chewy is adorable. I can't believe you guys are getting a dog, while you still have an infant. Ha...can't wait to hear how you take care of two!

AJ Candrian  – (2:26 PM)  

Cute baby! Cute puppy! Is it a labradoodle? I will come visit after you get the puppy. Then I will really feel useful for coming to visit.

Erin S  – (4:49 PM)  

Michael is so cute! I think I went through 2 exercise balls bouncing with Braden. Good times.

Brittany  – (9:44 AM)  

You are crazy, but I'm glad your dreams are finally coming true. Hopefully the puppy doesn't like to chew on little boys.

Katie  – (9:03 PM)  

Hi Rob! I just popped over to your blog through Audrey's. Congratulations on the baby!! He's adorable and I'm jealous about the dog. We've decided to wait until Max (my husband) is through with school so I am still waiting.
-Katie (Nelson) Stirling

p.s. My boys (age 5 and 3) can sing pretty much the whole chorus to Cheeseburger in Paradise. I owe that to you and the road trip to Vegas

Joy Candrian  – (2:26 PM)  

I love the new pictures...I would enjoy more pictures of Michael everyday if you only think about how much your Mother & Father miss the little one. Can you fix red-eyes with your fancy computer?
Glad you can finally made your dream of a dog a reality...glad it's you and not me!

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