Who is this handsome fellow?


I think it is obligatory, if you have a blog and then you have a kid, then you have to post a bunch of pictures of the kid. I think that is a blog rule or something. Sorry that Lorena isn't in any of them because for some reason, when she is holding Michael, she can't seem to keep her shirt on.

"what up world"

"I just peed on my dad while wearing a hat. This is how I roll."

"Yeah, that's right. I'm in a lexus."

Erin S  – (1:53 PM)  

What a cute baby! I am so exicted for you guys, congrats!

Brittany  – (2:08 PM)  

Will you please bring him back to the U.S. ASAP!?! I cannot handle having something that cute be so far away.

Andrea J  – (3:02 PM)  

Wow, he really looks like your kid. This is a good thing. Who has more hair?

Anna  – (3:31 PM)  

I know it sounds cliche, but he really is the cutest baby ever!

Joy Candrian  – (3:34 PM)  

He really looks like his Dad. I'm having visions of Rob, 30 years later!

Lisa  – (3:42 PM)  

O i have a tear!!! Brittany is right COME BACK!! and yes having a kids + blog = random stupid post that your sure everybody will LOVE as much as you do. Check out Abby's Back flip on our blog That how we roll

Amy C  – (3:57 PM)  

I would like you to be closer too, so I can really spoil that kid, but I'll be the good aunt and come visit as frequently as finances allow. Get ready to see a lot of me!

McLove  – (4:31 PM)  

He is adorable!!!

Taylor Family  – (4:38 PM)  

He is so cute!!!! Yes he does look just like his dad!!! But I bet he has more hair:)

Alicia  – (7:39 PM)  


AJ Candrian  – (8:22 PM)  

Oh! I want to hold him!!!! He's so darling!!!! Come back! (Also, are these all pictures from your camera phone? ) You're also the last person I thought who would write captions for their baby. :) You're already turning into a softy. I love it.

Sara  – (10:59 PM)  

What a cutie! Congrats you guys!

Dana Broderick  – (11:22 PM)  

biggie smalls looks like biggie big. Just like his old man! :) Congrats! Excited that now you have joined the parents blogging crowd. Your lives have changed for good. Mwaaaahhhhhahahha

ryan and becca  – (11:52 PM)  

Lorena has a problem with topless pictures of her on the internets? strange...
Congrats! Repeat..."looks like Rob," I agree with everyone who commented that. I wanna hear Lorena's side of this birthing saga. Can't believe she was in labor so long, yiiiikes.

Mrs. Anderson  – (12:46 AM)  

OH MY GOSH - could he be any more perfect? Look at his skin, his hair - handsome man!

Chickin  – (9:41 AM)  

He's absolutely adorable! Congrats to you both.

Rachelle  – (6:13 PM)  

Handsome, indeed. I just love him!

Audrey  – (11:17 AM)  

Congratulations! He is so sweet, and I totally get the no shirt thing with a newborn. Right at first it is just always in the way.

bonny with a Y  – (11:05 PM)  

hooray! so glad everything turned out well.

Melissa  – (8:13 PM)  

He is so cute! Congrats you two. Hope you are getting some sleep! haha.

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