A nice feeling...

You know what really warms my heart? Doing my taxes, having to pay more then I anticipated, and knowing that my taxes are going to help out GM and Chrylser. And Banks. And a bunch of other "stimlus" crap that I don't want.

Which reminds me of a great idea I had...what if, when you paid your taxes, you got to select (kinda like on the tithing slip) where the money went? I think that would be a very interesting social experiment. Would we fund roads? education? welfare? I bet there are some things that wouldn't get any funding at all, and others would have overwhelming support.

If I could pick, I would have my money go to National Defense, raising the speed limit (that would be a write-in), a little for education, some for health care research, and some for the national parks (cause they are cool). Thats it. I definitely would not give any money to the TSA (they are worthless) -- Guess what, there aren't going to be any more shoes bombers, so why do I have to take off my FLIP-FLOPS when I go through the security line? Idiots. And if your X-ray can't see through my hat, or jacket, then is it really doing any good?

**New Addition** Did you know that the stupid "stimulus check" that we got last May to keep the economy strong (and that worked really well), was really just an advance on your tax rebate? Which means that if you thought you were going to get a rebate, say $600, you would really owe $600 (if you were married and got $1200, like Lorena and I did). Or, if you paid all of your taxes and somehow didn't owe or have a refund due, you would actually owe $1200. So basically you get to pay $1200 more then you think you were going to because of the stimulus check. Thanks Pres. Bush. I wasn't one of those people that hated you, but 2008 really wasn't your best year.**

**Addition #2. The more I think about this, the more I am pissed about this "stimulus check" crap. Do you know what I did with that money? I thought, hmmm $1200 bucks that I don't really need...should I buy something I don't need, or be smart and invest it. Guess I will buy some stock...So, yeah, that worked out well. Thanks for lending me my tax money to buy stock that is now worth -at best- half of what I paid. Big Government: solving all of our problems.**

KellySummer  – (8:03 PM)  

we have such different political opinions. :) actually, i like that idea, i would just send money to much different places.

andrew  – (3:50 PM)  

Great ideas Rob. We should just fire all of the politicians and have the people run the country. Wait a second...

Scott  – (11:50 AM)  

I would just have all my taxes go straight to your paycheck Rob.

Mike  – (10:22 PM)  

I feel ya brotha!

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