Pictures. Lots of em.
Perfect trip: surfing, hiking, shark cage diving, a little bit of culture on the north shore, sun, beach, good food, luau, Pearl Harbor, good friends (Craig who came w/us was the one who set up Rob and I on our first blind date - so we are always trying to pay him back!), great condo, etc. I also got to see one of my best friends from high school, Chris Sween, who now lives on the island. The whole trip was perfect except for the shark dive. Rob and Craig loved it (despite much bemoaning from Craig prior to it). I, on the other hand, experienced what happens when you mix pregnancy with seasickness. Not fun. Let's just say we had to pull the car over several times on the short drive back home.

Audrey  – (10:58 AM)  

Looks like a great trip. I am jealous.

ryan and becca  – (11:58 AM)  

haha, when we did shark diving, I threw up a TON even though I wasn't pregnant, and for the rest of day too - it was Valentine's day. goooood memories. Glad you had fun. There's so much to do there.

Mrs. Anderson  – (12:52 PM)  

These photos are amazing and the ocean - stunning!!! What a way to live before a baby - AWESOME!!!!

Brittany  – (4:25 PM)  

We need to go on another family trip there. We're long overdue.

Sara  – (5:33 PM)  

Looks like you guys had a blast! So fun to go on a big trip before the babe - ps Lorena, you're tummy is cute!! :)
Oh, and if you're still feeling sick (not sea sick, but morning sick) at all, try ginger root - it helped me a lot...

guerry girls  – (7:04 PM)  

you guys looked like you had so much fun! I would love to go on a trip like that when Brad comes home from Qatar.

Scott  – (12:49 PM)  

I wish I would have had that kind of outlet to vent my frustration over the Utes no-show in the tourney!

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