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We have gotten some really good suggestions from people about the necessary stuff we will need for this new kid. If anyone has any other advice about things they absolutely loved (or hated) please let us know. We have been to Babies R Us once, and I swear half that store is some scam by "baby" industry people - but what do I know. So since most of you beat us to the punch and started having kids well before we did, please feel free to provide any recommendations.

P.S. Sorry this is a boring post. Since Lorena is on a racing hiatus and my soccer goal scoring also seems to be on hiatus, we don't have too much to write about!

Mrs. Anderson  – (11:01 PM)  

I have always used the Boppy to prop up my kids - I wish I had the newborn lounger instead!!! Too often my kids kick and scoot themselves down and because I use it on top of the bathroom counter while they wait to be brought into the shower, their heads bonk pretty hard.

I wish I had a real good thermometer.

Jena got Andi a traveling swing - LOVE it! It's so compact it's perfect!

My kids love walkers.

No need for bottle warmers and stuff like that.

We used a pacifier strap for Jackson and he was so addicted. Ryan and Andi aren't as much and I think it's because it's not attached to them all the time.

I hate the idea of a diaper bag - too bulky. I just always have a large purse with some diapers in there and a thing of wipes.

LOVE LOVE LOVE gas drops. I have never limited what I ate when breastfeeding and so gas drops were handy (Mylicon). Plus I think that's why my kids eat anything now. They aren't like most kids that don't like spicy things, or bbq sauce etc.

Seriously I could go on and on....

Andrea J  – (11:13 PM)  

Things to get: Bumbo, Bjorn or other type of sling, swaddling blanket, traveling swing if you get a swing at all, snap-in-go stroller if you must get an infant car seat adaptable stroller, hooter-hider if you'll nurse, good thermometer, white noise machine (or turn on a fan), port-a-crib w/ bassinet works great for a LONG time

Things not to get: full size swing, car seat/stroller combos, wet wipe warmer

And... introduce baby to different types of foods and textures earlier than they tell you too. Makes for better eaters and only people named Preston and Skyler are allergic to peanuts anyway

Taylor Family  – (11:01 AM)  

When your looking for a diaper bag, look for the backpack kind!!! They make them just like a back back with all the baby stuff in it!!! It is so much easier to carry, because your arms are so full with other crap...and a cute baby!!!! And then Rob you won't look like your carrying a purse:) I have so many other things that I could go on about, with four kids we have learned a lot of if you have any questions send them my way!!! Good luck in all the planning this was my favorite time when we were about to have Marlie!!!!

~The Stevens Family~  – (1:20 PM)  

Don't get the carseat/stroller combo, big waste. We just got the carseat and then I used a sling or baby Bjorn when we would go places. I liked the full-sized swing, cause it swings 2 directions, which was nice. Side to side for sleep and front to back when they were just hanging out. I didn't get a changing table, I got the pack and play with the bassinet and changing table, so that one I keep out in the family room for easy diaper changing and then I can take off the changing table and stick him in the playpen when I need to get something done. Waterproof bibs are the only way to go. In the future when your kid is big enough, don't get the Jumperoo, its too big, just get the doorway jumper. Don't buy a fancy crib, most teether guards don't fit over the rails and it will just get chewed to bits anyway. (Braden loves to eat his crib and I have now resorted to wrapping his rails in towels cause he knows how to take the teeter guards off!) I bought the Breathable Bumpers, which everyone has made fun of me for, but I like them! :)

Rachelle  – (3:22 PM)  

Everyone needs these for their kids:

Mrs. Anderson  – (8:22 PM)  

I just wanted to throw in there that I SO agree you don't need the stroller carseat combo - I SO wish I had the snap in go thinga magig!

Lisa  – (10:53 PM)  

Humm well I like a wipe warmer. ( you try taking a cold wipe and wiping your hinny at 2 am lol ) I should just email you. "Snap and Go" are the best for when they are little. And yes a pack n play are perfect when they are young Just make sure he gets used to his crib.. But most of all my best advise is live in the moment, Sleep planning, and HAND GEL

Joshua and Joy  – (11:20 PM)  

My advice for something that you will want to have on hand: clotrimazole cream (brand name: Lotrimin) - it's an antifungal cream the MD suggested for diaper rash. It works great! None of the diaper ointments will clear up a rash, they're job is just attempting to protect the skin from once the rash starts, they're no help.

gwadzilla  – (1:52 PM)  


you will need lots of diapers

bonny with a Y  – (12:34 AM)  

welllll, since you asked. :)

you must understand that I am a minimalist. you need very little. seriously. but i understand fully that part of the thrill of having a baby is the s-t-u-f-f and the shopping for it. pottery barn catalogues (and the like) are so appealing.

we used:

a car seat, a small, light weight stroller (i like to be mobile and move fast in stores and be able to fold it up with one hand while holding the baby), a pack n play (or a crib if you have the space or are dying to decorate a nursery, but i recommend the p-n-p. my last 2 never slept in our crib, always the P-N-P which was FAB for traveling because they were used to the travel beds hotels and grandmas provide), diapers, burp cloths (if you have a barfer)a cotton blanket and binkies. and that's it. I never used a diaper bag with any of my kids. I kept a bunch of stuff in the car and would keep a diaper and a ziploc baggie (sp?) of wipes with an extra baggy (sp?) to seal up the used diaper in my purse. i nursed my kids, so bottles weren't an issue.

we never did the changing table thing, just put a folded up towel with a waterproof pad on the bathroom counter, and we used wash cloths instead of wipes for at home use. which probably will gross you out, but it is much more efficient and earth friendly and gets the baby cleaner faster. and your hands stay MUCH cleaner in the process. (seriously try changing a messy diaper with both and compare) And I would get an outside trash can for ALL diapers - nothing worse than a house that smells like diapers, except maybe a house that smells like diapers and echoes with a screaming baby.

my sister swears by a sling, but mine were fine with me just holding them.

i would invest in books. it's the only thing my kids still use ;)

and start putting $100 a month in his savings account now. college comes quickly.

And I agree with Lisa - enjoy the moment. I am so glad I can say I don't regret any of my time while my children were babies. I felt like I really enjoyed their baby time. Annika's toddler years, however.....

Mrs. Anderson  – (1:14 AM)  

I ALWAYS WANTED TO USE A SLING, AND NONE OF MY KIDS LIKED THEM. I would see if someone has one, or get a used one, and see if it even works for you. I think it it does, then that's awesome. But like I said, mine just didn't like it - I wish they had though!

Candria  – (12:46 PM)  

I'd have to go with my sis on the full size swing. Unless you think you're going to pack the swing with you when you go places, they just didn't swing fast enough for my babies. And the ones that go two directions are awesome! They start crying, and you switch it the other way. Brylie however, never used it. Probably depends on how fussy of a baby you have. I wouldn't worry a lot about all this stuff, have the kid, see what you get (baby showers are great!) Don't open any of it until you think you need it, and return anything you don't use and buy stuff you wish you had. You'll figure out what you and the little one like and it will be different from other people. Don't worry. It really does all come naturally! (Most of it anyway) Wahoo!! I'm so excited for you!!

Clayton and Camea  – (1:19 PM)  

Things I LOVE:

Nursing cover...yay, baby can't pull it off! No risque burlesque shows!

Bibs: baby's are messy! They spit, they drool, they barf, and when they eat, lets just say it's a long time before they have table manners. Plastic ones are nice when they eat food, but for spitting/drooling and barfing the cloth ones with the plastic backing are great!

Diapers: I like Huggies. Pampers smell, luv's smell, store brands...smell. With my kids, Huggies provide the least amount of blowout damage. Tip: When they start to blow out a lot try going up a size, even if their weight still fits into the size you're using. Uusally solves this messy-ness. (Although if I had the money I think I'd go for the G diapers...they're a reusable outer cover with flushable/compostable inserts..the best of both disposable and reusable diapers. Kind of pricey!)

My kids had reflux..bad! The Swing is a sanity saver!

Sling/ or handy!

Lots of onesies...babies are messy.

Get books on sleep training now and figure out what you want to do, so you're not trying to figure it out when you're sleep deprived!

Enjoy every second.

Things I didn't use:

A baby bathtub. I just take showers with them when they're little or use the sink with a towel folded up in the bottom.

A stroller ( We still don't have one.)

This is a short list. I'd have to take more time to think of more things.

We're really excited for you guys! I know what it's like to have to wait and hope.

Mrs. Anderson  – (1:25 PM)  

I agree with the Huggies comment - HATE the smell of Pampers. REally, I also love the Costco brand and they used to be slightly cheaper than Huggies, right now Huggies are cheaper.

Also love the showers and I wish I could do it with Andi but it's already crowded in there with the boys. This is the first time I am using a bath and it's nice, but showers are still easier.

As for sleep, Ashleigh Sorenson introduced "The Contented Little Baby" to us (and yes that should be underlined and not in quotes). Jackson was sleeping from 7-7 at four months old, Ryan at 3 weeks old and Andi seems to be getting there and she's now 3.5 mo. old. LOVE IT!!

Audrey  – (4:42 PM)  

I loved my Bumbo, you can't use it until about 4 months but it is the best! Also, try to get your baby to take a binkie! I know that there are a lot of people out there that have binky "issues" but seriously having something that very effectively and easily soothes your baby for two years. Is so worth the two days of crying it takes to wean them. I promise a binky is your best friend. Babies who have binkies are better sleepers and much better in difficult places like the car, church, store, etc.

Hans and Michelle  – (4:53 PM)  

Wow. Everyone has an opinion. I agree with whoever said you don't need that much stuff. You just need what you will use to make your life easier with a baby, which is mostly stuff to hold them so you don't have to:)

For me - a good stroller was a must. And a seat that attaches to the back of the bike. Buy a good single fold up stroller that is small and cheap and then a jogging one. I hate the car seat combo strollers. Never bought one, but they make me want to gag when my friends pull them out.

I also loved my bjorn. It's only good for the first 8-9 months though. Buy a good hiking backpack that will work after the bjorn is retired. Hated the boppy pillows. What a waste.

Don't get scammed into most of the stuff. Just buy what you need after the baby comes, except for the carseat. I used my portacrib as a bassinet since it is useful when they get older too.

Can't think of anything else right now.

jena wise  – (5:35 PM)  

you've gotten some great advice. I agree that changing tables are over-rated, though I did like the one from Ikea that we had - cheap + small + simple = does the job.

agree that the stroller/car seat combos are huge and very unnecessary. snap 'n go - because there is nothing better than just picking up a car seat with a sleeping baby inside and toting it along... continued sleep.... continued peace.

I loved our baby bjorn too - you can go without a stroller at places like the grocery store and still have two hands. or you can just plop said car seat into the cart and you're off.

wipe warmers are another waste IMO.

I pumped for a while - that takes a good pump, bottles, storage bags, etc. if necessary. Others will diagree, but I was a huge fan of bottles because it gives you a little break - imagine being able to sleep longer than 2 1/2 hours at a time when you are REALLY tired - and I'm sure Rob will love me for this suggestion.

Enjoy your baby shower when it comes - they are the best!

E Bishop  – (2:56 PM)  

Lorena - One blog leads to another, and suddenly here I was! Congratulations to you and Rob! You're in for a LOT of fun times ahead! Conrad is two months now, and we've had time to get used to and form some opinions about all this baby stuff. Seriously the best thing we did to prepare was get all of our grownup stuff organized first. Streamline whatever you can. Stock up your cupboards and freezer with yummy and simple to cook meals. When it's baby shower time, have a friend set up a meals calendar - you can find them online for care takers - friends get to sign up for a meal delivery. For the first month or so, you HAVE to rest more than you think or it will catch up with you. If you'll breast feed, get some comfy (wireless) nursing bras or tanks - they are great for sleeping in. Diaper tips - even if you plan to use cloth, they are too big for a newborn. We've had great results with Pampers Swadlers SENSITIVE diapers and wipes. No rashes at all! We tried huggies natural something or other, and they smell like recycled wood. I noticed that the huggies didn't have a mesh layer on top of the absorbent layers, and I realized then how awesome the mesh layer is at trapping what needs to be trapped and pulled away from baby's skin. Since I've been traveling for weekends and small trips, I have used what we're calling a diaper bag. But really it's been nice to have extra cloths, a water proof mat, diapers, wipes, hat, sunglasses, extra blanket... so you can throw it in the car and go without thinking. We ordered a Timbuk2 bag - it's like a tote, but cool enough for Dads to carry. We stocked up a baby medicine box, thermometer, nasal sucker-outer, infant tylenol drops (that we used the day of his 2-month checkup with all the shots). It's nice to have that stuff before you need it. I enjoyed reading the Complete Book of Breastfeeding and What to Expect the First Year. Great advice, and it's better to be somewhat acquainted with that info ahead of time. Most importantly, try to rest when you can, be open to trying new things and be flexible with everything. Your little one will have a unique temperament, personality and needs. ENJOY this exciting time in your lives!

Wicks  – (6:39 PM)  

What to expect the first year is great. It helps to realize everyone else had the same questions. For instance, we noticed Xander would bounce his head---it was weird---it ended up being baby dancing. He'd nod along in time with music but we didn't connect it until we read about it in the book.

I liked carrying him around in the baby carrier, a little front pack for a baby. Sarah didn't use it so much. I also loved it when I could get him in the bumper seat on my bike---but that wasn't 'til about 4 months, so you've got time.

The absolute best thing we did was follow "Baby Wise". Pick it up at a bookstore or from amazon, you'll want your own copy. The gist is that after the first few weeks you schedule the baby so that he sleeps, wakes up and eats immediately, plays, and then sleeps again. The advantages are that you know when he's hungry (right after he gets up.) He eats a lot because he just woke up and doesn't fall asleep eating (a bad thing because falling asleep eating means he'll wake up sooner and want to eat another little meal and pretty soon you go crazy 'cause he eats every 30 minutes instead of every 3-5 hours.) You know that if he cries after he's been up for a while it means he's tired, not hungry, and needs to sleep and start the cycle over. Sarah and I had a much easier time interpreting Xander's needs once he was on a schedule.

Like a lot of folks said already, find what stuff works for you and go with it.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Get earplugs for the one who isn't on baby duty. Happiness consists of getting enough sleep.

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