The Candrian name will live on...

Today we found out that we will be having a boy. And it is Opening Day for the Giants. So, a good day all-around.

Brittany  – (8:12 PM)  

Are you saying that if it would have been a girl it wouldn't have been a good day?

Rob  – (8:16 PM)  

No, I'm not saying that.

Candria  – (10:31 PM)  

Wahoo for passing on the name! Congratulations you guys! I'm very excited for you!

jena wise  – (11:12 PM)  

congratulations! boys are awesome. he'll be throwing left by his first birthday I'm sure. hope you are feeling well, Lorena!

Mrs. Anderson  – (10:17 AM)  

I LOVE boys - so much fun!!! It's a great way to start off especially for such an active couple - ow fun!! Enjoy. Plus, pregnancies are a little easier with boys, that's always a bonus :)

Joy Candrian  – (11:00 AM)  

I'm just thrilled to have a grandchild on the way...but I love how excited Rob's voice was telling me the news. Michael Robert Candrian, that's an easy, good,solid name with plenty of memories for our first grandchild. Mike & I love it!

Amy  – (11:26 AM)  

Thank goodness someone will get to carry on the Candrian name. Altough, I am excited for an Ella Stella to join us!

Taylor Family  – (12:13 PM)  

Congrats you guys!!! You no that we won't ever be able to contribute to the Candrian name!!! We left all that pressure for Kent in our family!!! I am so excited for you guys and your parents to finally have a little one running around!!! Good luck with the months to come:)

Mike  – (8:52 PM)  

Can't go wrong with that name.

Rachelle  – (10:27 AM)  

We are soooooo excited for you guys! I agree that Michael is a great name. To think we came so close to naming our son the same! That would be strange.

Scott  – (11:27 AM)  

James Buffet Candrian?

William Clark Candrian?

Congrats you guys.

Sara  – (2:45 PM)  

Congrats you guys!

Maren  – (11:09 PM)  

Boys are the BEST!!! You guys are sooooo lucky!!! I love the name! Congratulations!
We love you!

Dana Broderick  – (2:41 AM)  

I changed my thingy on the side that had you guys on there! I've been missing all these great posts! MAN! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! No fair that you get a BOY on your first try! So happy for you! Good luck! and don't try and call us with any parenting questions; we still don't know what the heck we're doing.

Joshua and Joy  – (11:05 AM)  

Congratulations! Boys are all the rave right now. I know so many people who are going to be having boys. You'll have a great time!

Alicia  – (11:17 PM)  

Congrats!!! Very cool!!

Wicks  – (1:07 PM)  

Wow! That's fantastic. Congratulations!

McLove  – (6:20 PM)  

Rad:) Congrats.

Melissa  – (10:35 PM)  

Congrats you two! It makes pregnancy seem so much "real" once you know what you are having. Not that all the nausea didn't seem real --ha! You look awesome, Lo!!!

gwadzilla  – (1:54 PM)  


that is awesome... as a boy with two boys... there is nothing better...

now... if someone could have promised me a girl as a third
we would have tried
but I did not want to risk a third boy
or with my luck... twins

more boys would mean more fighting and more soccer games

we already have enough fighting and enough soccer games with two boys at five and 8

Lindy  – (12:56 PM)  

Congratulations on the boy! When is Lorena due? Doctors say we are probably having a girl...realy $200 and a 1/2 tank of gas for a probably?

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