Reverse of the reverse of the curse
My bubble was burst this Tuesday at the Lehigh Valley stage of the Triple Crown.
Somehow I forgot to smile for the camera when cyclingnews snapped this one of the crash. Now that I see the picture, I can account for a few more of my sores. I was kind of in shock when I landed in the pile up, and didn't even realize that someone else landed on top of me too.
I landed on top of the Cervelo girl's big chain ring and have some cool tattoo's from that. Bruised and kinda sore all over from the impact, but fine. Mavic support immediately fixed up the bent derailler and rear wheel on Spanky, the course medics cleaned up my wounds (there's something I really like about getting having a mom again...miss you mom!), I rested yesterday, and I'm ready to roll again today and put out whatever I have left at Philly this weekend.
Rob's sister Andrea is awesome with a camera (although the internet resolution doesn't do her shots justice) and got these shots below of the CSC race last weekend. Thanks Andrea!

Andrea J  – (4:12 PM)  

Nice video, and great picture!

Rachelle  – (11:29 PM)  

You are such a trooper! I love the "Holy Shnikeys, Batman" look on your face in the crash. Ouch. And good luck training for the triathalon. You'll do great. I am REALLY proud to have such an awesomely athletic sister I can brag about!

Lorena  – (11:09 AM)  

It's not ME doing the tri...that was written by ROB. So we can all brag about him.

K-country  – (2:33 PM)  

YeeOuch! Ok, got that out of the way now its the reverse of the reverse of the reverse of the curse! Go get'm in Philly!

Dana Broderick  – (10:07 PM)  

Oh MY heaVENS! I am such a wimp. How do you handle all this pain? one crash and I'd be done. you are seriously one tough cookie!

So I've finally updated my blog and put a little about your visit. That was seriously SO MUCH FUN! Come back and visit anytime!

LISA  – (7:27 PM)  

ochhhh. Man you such a he- woman!!

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