Mama and Papa heart DC
When Rob and I first moved to DC (two years ago already!) we made a decision to not go out and do the tourist stuff, not wanting to tire of it prematurely and figuring that we'd probably have plenty of visitors coming during our time here to do that stuff with. And right we were (of course)! It's great to live in a place that gives friends and family a good reason to come visit. The lines could get blurred between us being the reason for the visit, or simply a convenient benefit of a place to stay, but either way we are happy to see our friends and family. Having grown up in CA in the close neighborhood of Disneyland, I am used to having that line blurred. I mean, I'm sure that my mom's second-cousins-twice-removed really just wanted to visit us and all...but I digress. Actually, I think my mom was as happy just to see our home, neighborhood, and my school as she was any of the monuments.

While I'll still take a day at Huntington beach and Disneyland over museums and monuments, you really can't beat the price of entertainment in DC, with almost every point of interest free of charge. Oh wait, unless you get a $100 parking ticket in a place that wasn't even marked no parking. Who knew parking tickets could even get that expensive? Now I know the real way that DC funds all the "free" monuments.

The DC temple
Battle of Iwo Jima monument and Arlington Cemetery

Me and Mama at Arlington Cemetery

Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad! It was great to see you.

Romans Family  – (1:06 PM)  

Rob- I am really glad to see you doing so well. Your life seems exciting. I like the shaved head! I got to your blog from Audrey's, who is married to SCOTT by the way. Not Mike. I'm not sure if that was meant to be a joke. It made me laugh. If it wasn't, you may want to change your link to her blog. Lorena, although I don't know you, I am seriously impressed with your biking abilities!
-Melissa (grider)Romans

Rob  – (6:11 PM)  

Oops...thanks for the heads up!

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