Lorena wins Reston Town Center Crit...HPC list dominates the field!

Since I wrote: "Details to come" I guess I should post some details:

It's funny, Lorena will get on here and post a freaking novel when she doesn't do well in a race, but then she gets all embarrassed when she does awesome and doesn't want me to write about it, but since I'm totally stoked on how well she has been riding this season, I don't mind bragging a little bit on her behalf. I think Lorena's smile in the below picture (pic thanks to Ralph Robbins who has more pics from both the mens and womens race on this really long link...)tells the whole story of team HPC's race at the Reston Town Center Grand Prix. Lorena won the race - she was in a solo break for a while, and then in a two girl break for the last part of the race, and ended up putting the hammer down in the end to win with enough of a gap to have a little smile at the end. She still needs to work on her "no-hands" victory celebration, but that will come. Her teammate Leslie got third in the field sprint, receiving a perfect lead-out from the rest of Team HPC. Way to go, ladies!
Part of the team ventured off to Ohio for the Tour of Grandview, where felow HPC teammate Jen Rasmussen placed third and fifth in the two seperate races! Way to go Jen! Great weekend for the HPC ladies. Now they are off to the Tour of Fitchburg, up in Massachusets, for a little Stage racing over the Fourth of July. I won't be there, so if Lorena does well, we might not have anyone to write up a quick blog post about it!

Joshua & Joy  – (11:07 AM)  

Congratulations! I must say, Lorena's posts on the non-wins, are definitely interesting to read.

Fatguy Racer  – (3:50 PM)  

Most impressive win. I wasnt so sure it was in the bag when the other girl bridged up to her.

Dana Broderick  – (1:56 AM)  

go lo! you rock! you are totally awesome...did you guys finally close on your awesome houses? (you guys can now live in seperate houses if your mad at one another! :)

Rachelle  – (10:55 PM)  

YOU ROCK, LOR! That's my sister, everybody!

Scott  – (2:04 PM)  

Way to go Lorena! If anybody had told me 10 years ago that he'd marry someone faster than him, I'd have placed those odds at a million to one. Little did I know all she would need was 2 wheels.

Mrs. Anderson  – (4:22 PM)  

Amazing win and way a photo - you look incredible!!

Bellie  – (9:17 AM)  

Wow. Thanks, Rob. I tried to catch up on a few posts and I am sleepy! Great reads but oh, so long. That's what I get for not being such a savvy blogger. I love the "no hands" victory. Classic.

Bellie  – (9:18 AM)  

Right, update on the houses? I hope you guys get them.

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