Welcome home, Mama & Papa Paquita!
(Below: their last dinner in Cambodia with some friends.)As I write, my parents are just arriving home and unpacking their bags from a 1.5 year service mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I have been eagerly waiting for their return, yet couldn't be more proud of all they accomplished while they were gone. Their main responsibility was to run an employment center, where they did everything but sing and dance in order to help people build skills and find employment. They taught all sorts of classes, started a computer center, taught English, taught computer skills, helped build resumes, and met with many local businesses to find employment opportunities. While these were their full time responsibilities that they volunteered for, my parents are not satisfied unless they are doing everything possible, and ended up serving in so many other capacities as well. They taught piano lessons, assisted with the completion of a beautiful new church building that is a hub and haven for many people there, brought extra love to an orphanage, and uplifted everyone they had a chance to serve. Rob and I had such a great time visiting them there this summer, and it was easy to see how much those we met loved and appreciated them. I couldn't be more proud of you, Mom and Dad! What a way to start out your retirement. What an adventure! Maybe a few relaxing years with us now? Welcome home!

(Above: Pops with a plate of giant spiders. He was brave enough to try eating a leg, but not the entire body. My mom also ate a bite of a leg. During our trip there, Rob also tried eating a leg, and then complained about it being caught in his throat the rest of the day because he didn't chew it enough before swallowing. Our driver ate the whole thing. He said their were eggs in the massive abdomen. We gave him our leftovers. I was the only true wuss who didn't take a single bite.)

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